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I started from:
And reached this: ( I have a newer work on my Ipad, I’ll send it later)


heh i think it looks really great and you’re a perfect example of practicing will help you get better :two_hearts:


I have done all theses edits and it takes time to improve but you will get there l promise :heartpulse: :blush:


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you can be any gender to make art so you can count me out on not believing :joy:


Err… Okay, I AM REALLY PROUD IF THIS ONE :sob::heart:! Idk why, I hate the clothing tho… :sweat_smile: But yannnyywayyyysss…



…Frekin HECKKkamamskalskskwkwkwlwlw
Almost :sob:


Omg you should be proud frossstttyyyy!! :sob::sob::sob:


Was watching ur works for quite some time and I have to say, I think this is ur best. Really great


Tysm! This means a lot to me :sob::sob::sob:


New background for my “what I will attempt and fail” missing connections story.
Oof, I hope I actually take this competition seriously! :joy:

I wanted to motivate myself though, so I went ahead and actually made a bedroom background for the character. :blush::thinking:


Wow it looks amazing!


Thank you! :smile:


No Problem! :yellow_heart:


It’s not Digital are but I was wondering if anyone could help me make my art homework look a bit better and more realistic


Can someone tell me how to make the hair look like it’s being pulled in by the snake and any other advice to make it look a little better ps it’s just an outline because I’m painting it


I have just finish my outline if you have any advice please tell me


December 6th :christmas_tree:

Let me know what you think :smiley:




Thank you :grin::two_hearts: