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Black and white color study… Ehh

I’m kinda getting tires of saying this, but don’t steal my art plz


How are you so talented oh my gosh your amazing!


The next piece I’m working on is going to be 100% from scratch… Usually I trace poses and the episode characters, but the next piece is going to be 100% original




Thank you :sob:


Perfect. Gorgeous. Wonderful. ETC :heart_eyes:


Dang you are really talented :exploding_head:


My ass is getting used to getting kicked! :tired_face::stuck_out_tongue:


I never liked the noses in your episode edits that much (No offense though)
Hope you won’t be offended

BTw, I love your realistic art so friggin much :rofl:


Thank you! But it’s nothing compare to the other amazing artists here :sweat_smile:


I just did this for ~Mashia's Weekly Editing Challenge~!


that looks amazing!!!


I think it looks astonishing! Great Work of art! :grin:


You are talented, better than me definitely :blue_heart::joy:


Incredible :blue_heart:


Ooooo I’ve never been told that before? Why, may I ask?


They just look a little weird and too BIG :confused:


Ty! I suck at realistic hair, so I gave up on that…


Thank you! But no, I’m no way near being as good as you are :joy:


Welp now I know I shouldn’t bother joining we all know who has the best one lol. This is actually fricking amazing! I can’t!