Let’s share our most embarrassing moments, stories about your crushes and all because why not? :joy: :joy:

I will share mine too but after some time :grin:

This is quite a short story but what eves
So this was recent actually a few months ago!

So this guy that I STILL like, my friend made me say isle, of, and then his name and I was really confused like ok…

And then he explained he said, “you know what u just said? I love (his name)” he and I started laughing so hard until I realised that my crush could have heard! :flushed::flushed:

I’m still worried he might of to this day!

I heard he likes someone else tho. But then I still like him!?


That’s :flushed:


I have already said this!!

I once slept in my class and my friend slightly pated on me to wake me up before I get caught!! I woke up thinking that my sir caught me and was explaining why I was asleep :rofl:!!



Ikr :flushed:




I liked this guy, but I didn’t know he liked/was interested in someone else. so I asked him to formal cause we both didn’t have dates. not in an extravagant way, I literally jus asked as friends. he didn’t really say no…lmao or yes so I just took it as a no. turns out he asked some other girl and that other girl barely hung out with him during formal and dating her current bf within the next month. :smiley:ANYWAYS it was embarrassing for the both of us :sob: :sob:


Omg haha

dare you to open me

Umm …this was 3 years ago …when I was in 9th grade…like there was school competion was going on and me and my partner were practicing…and there is this my special place to sit in school in balcony where there is a window with nice street view…as usual …I went there to sit and practice and there was this paper where I sit …so I removed it and sat and practiced after one hour ig…we had a break and my partner saw this that there was a bubble gum where I sat and it all sticked to my skirt …and I was like :flushed:
It was pretty embarassing


Lol :rofl: happened to me many times :sweat_smile:


I have already said this embarassing moment :sweat_smile:

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So this one was embarassing moment for me :joy:
It happened during lunch break, I was sitting with my friend and was just talking about things when suddenly from somewhere my crush throws a bottle at me and that bottle hit me on my leg
I ignored the fact that the bottle had hit me but my friend saw this and made my crush apologize to me in front of everyone during dispersal
Even our teacher saw this :grimacing: and I was so embarrassed
Gosh I wished this incident never occurred :joy:


Feels like a movie scene.:popcorn:


During middle school graduation practice, I had braces at the time and my graduation partner who I befriended that day hugged me goodbye after practice. When I was hugging him, I was also smiling at the same time so a random piece of cloth from his gown got stuck in my brackets :joy: :sob:. I started to panic when I realized this and had to hug him longer to break the cloth cause bruh I was not gonna tell him what is happening :joy::sweat_smile:


But it really happened lol :flushed:


When I was 12, I used to have a crush on my best friend. The day of his birthday, I had saved a special chain-bracelet thing for a birthday gift and planned to give it to him when we were alone walking.

When the time was there I was about to give it to him but then his bratty sister (About 7 at the time) decided to show up and take it from me. “Hey give it back, that’s hers” he shouted. And then I had to explain it was for him, which his sister heard and said she’ll take it. He just showed me a grateful smile and said he had no choice. We laughed about it and I just bought one more later :joy:


:joy: if I were in your place I seriously would have been giving his sister death glares :rofl:



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Hmmm, mine isn’t tooooo bad but I still was pretty embarrassed :sweat_smile:

I went to see this comedy show at my college my first year, and I was hanging out with my crush and her friends! The comedian asked for some audience participation for the next act, so I raised my hand and gave an answer, but it was a DUMB one :skull: but I didn’t realize it at first and I said it again cuz I thought I wasn’t heard the first time…
I remembered that my crush was there, and I was soooo embarrassed after that :sob::sob:


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