Share your embarrassing stories!

Do you have an embarrassing story that you want to share?

I have plenty. :confounded:

  1. Me and my friends were on a coach going on a school trip, and I was watching the Idol MV. My friend recorded me doing that and now it’s on instagram. :joy:

  2. I had told one of my ‘friends’ I had a crush on someone, and she promised not to tell anyone. Fast-forward a week, and she shouted “Lily has a crush on ____!!!” And I literately wanted to die because, guess what, I was sat next to the person I had a crush on!

There’s more, but I don’t wanna torture you. :joy:
Leave yours down below for everyone to cringe at :joy:


LOL :rofl:

1. a boy in my class is in love with me and one day has written to me and said that he loves me. I personally did not feel any good for him, I just saw him as a “buddy”, and during that time I talked to my Best friend on the phone, she wanted a screenshot and what happened … I sent him the screenshot, and he asked why I did that that was so embarrassing…
and the bad thing was that some boys in my class were with him when he writes it.

the next day he didn’t even looked at me or speak to me…

2. so one day i was on the cinema with my friend and in the end we were out and some people were watching me the whole time and i was thinking why do they watch me?
the reason… i had the whole time popcorn on my ass :roll_eyes: :woman_facepalming:

i have more but i don’t remember now :joy:


Today, school trip to an art museum, I stupidly voiced my opinion on a very, very obvious painting. My “opinion” was asking what the fuck is that supposed to mean? IT WAS SO PAINFULLY OBVIOUS :sob: yeah, it was really embarrassing though…

Meh, my life’s boring, can’t think of anything else at the moment. Only like a million different weird places I feel asleep at, take that. (airport with the suitcases, zoo, in the forest on a rock, the middle of a mall, etc etc etc)


Oof :joy:

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I wish I could fall asleep that easily but that’s embarrassing :joy:

Crying when I started my period, and telling all my boy mates that I shat myself, when the blood just looked dark brown in my pants. I was 11 at the time. :sob:

Oh wow. That’s embarrassing :persevere: :joy:

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  • When I was still going to public school by “friends” told everyone in the lunch hall that I had a crush on this boy. I was so embarrassed I ran out and locked myself in the toilet.

  • I was minding my own business when this girl splashed water on me secretly and started saying I wet myself, and everyone turned around and laughed.

  • I went to lunch with my “friends” and when I ordered something the waitress said, “Are you sure about that? Maybe try a salad. You need to watch those sneaky carbs.” :roll_eyes:

Ooohhh! Damn :joy:
Why is life so embarrassing :no_mouth:

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I gritted my teeth so hard I though they’d break. I felt like everyone was watching me. :disappointed_relieved:

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If that was me I would’ve just said “Say’s you” and left :joy:

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I just sat there in my chair giving her a death stare :grin:


But that’s bad customer service :woman_shrugging:t4:

*what she said to you

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Someone threw a biscuit at my head in the middle of the cafeteria in front of my forever crush.

Lol, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of stuff that’s happened to me.


Just the tip?
I wanna hear more :smirk:


I’ve never returned there till this day.

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:clap:t4: :clap:t4: :clap:t4:

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LOL. Okay here’s another…

Again this involves my forever crush.
Elementary all the way through middle school.
A friend knew I was obsessed with him so she wrote a love letter without my consent and gave it to him and labeled it saying it was from ME.
I stood near him in line waiting to take off with my class and watched his mouth drop as he received that letter from that friend.
Til this day I HAVE no idea what was written in that letter lol.
Yeah I wanted to jump off of a cliff.


Oh, I remember the time this boy was dared to kiss me. O my gosh it was so awkward and embarrasing cause everyone was filming it. I didn’t think he’d go through with it cause we’re kinda friends, but the moment his lips touched mine I kicked him real hard in his area and ran :no_mouth::sweat_smile:

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All of these stories are so embarrassing that mine feel lame :cry: