Share Your Episode Insta!

Not your personal insta, your episode insta. Tysm.

Basically leave your episode instagram in the thread and we can all follow each other. :kissing_heart:

(You don’t have to follow me cause I don’t really use instagram unless you wanna dm me :wink:, but mine is, eww.episode.)


  1. No Drama (sad I have to even say this) :no_entry_sign::tea:
  2. Don’t expect other people to follow you back (this isn’t follow for follow)

Those are the only rules lol. :oncoming_police_car:

(I know there are already threads about this but most of them are closed or promoting their own instagram accounts. But hopefully this doesn’t get deleted, I don’t care if it gets merged lol.)

Have fun kiddos. :dancer::dancer:


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