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Hey everyone! This is going to sound like a very strange topic, but would anyone like to share some experiences they’ve had with bullying. I know it can be a very hard topic for some people, so I understand if noo ne wants to reply. The reason I ask: The MC in my story is bullied in high school, and when she revists the school, she remembers all of the bad experiences.

So if anyone would be willing to share some experiences they’ve had that I could use for my character, I would appreciate it. You would remain anonymous. If I recieve multiple experiences, I will use all in flashbacks throughout the story.

I understand this is a difficult topic for some, as I have been bullied as well. Please understand that my story does not condone this. I believe everyone who has been bullied becomes a stronger person because of it.


It’s good that you spread awareness and a positive message with your story :blush:
I’ve been bullied. It was a hard time and it changed me. I became way more shy and careful. But I’m doing fine and I enjoy life! :grinning: I’ve had some sort of therapy that learned me to be more positive and that I dare to talk to people that I don’t really know. It helped me and I’m now more confident.

Many things happened in that horrible time and it was years ago, but here are some things that I remembered and that you maybe can use in your story :blush:;

  • A photo of me in my underwear (which was secretly made in the dressing room at school) was shared on Snapchat on my birthday. Yes, this broke me a little. Especially when I heard that the girl who did it just went shopping for expensive stuff with her mom after her suspension like what the hell?!
  • Being threatened, saying that they’re gonna kill or hurt me
  • Pushing me from the stairs
  • Asking weird sexual questions, I was very young at that moment
  • Playing the victim, saying that I did something to them
  • Making me believe I was their friend. I was a dumb little kid back then. Sometimes they were nice to me and sometimes they were bullying me
  • Making jokes about my family dying (again, I was young)

That’s all I can think of. Good luck with your story :blush:

Thank you so much for telling your experiences! I am so sorry this happened to you (it honestly shouldn’t happen to anyone at all), but I am glad you are doing good now!

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Thank you, love :blush::heart:

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The girls (some of them were my “friends”) made a public instagram and posted picture of me with devil horns and x on my eyes, they would talk about me on a group chat and and post it on their stories. I moved schools and reported the instagram (it got deleted). :v:

I was bullied for about three years in primary school and as a result of it combined with problems at home, tried to end my life. Some of the experiences I’ve had are comments about my race (I’m Japanese), comments about my appearance (weight, race, height, general appearance). I’ve had things thrown at me, my belongings stolen and hidden, been injured (being pushed over or directly hit), and things said to me like I didn’t deserve to be alive, that I was useless, worthless, pathetic. It had a profound effect on me. If anyone else has gone through any kind of bullying, I’m so sorry and I’m here if you wanted to talk.

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I’m so sorry that happened to you, especially if they said they were your friend. I know my fair share of those kidns of people. It’s a shame that you had to move schools because of it, but I know it has made you an incredibly strong individual. :sparkling_heart: I appreciate you sharing your experience with me though.

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It is not right that people make others feel so bad about themselves that they try to take their life, but I am glad you are still here today. I may not know you personally, but I can assure you that the world would not be the same without you here today. I truly do appreciate you sharing your experiences with me, and I am truly sorry you had to experience that today. I do hope you feel strong, because you are, and I hope you know that we, as a community, all love you. :heart:

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Most of my bullying experiences come more from adults but there are a few with toxic friends.

  • When I was severely underweight, they continued to fat shame and make some pretty hurtful remarks about my weight. Basically drove me into bulimia, I got pass that though. Still have a low self esteem but it’s good.

  • My dad likes to point out things that I’m very insecure about, like acne and my nose (keep in mind that inherited the shit from HIS side) and likes to make fun of it, every single time. I don’t have much of a relationship with him anymore (now that he lives somewhere else) I hate hate the fact that my mom doesn’t even step in.

  • I was in a couple of toxic friendships, I trusted a lot of them yet they went around spreading rumors about me being the bully and them being the victim for what, refusing to spend my fucking money on them because their broke ass couldn’t afford ice cream? Lmao. Trust me, they’re not even broke.

I am truly sorry that happened. It makes it even worse that it came from adults, they should know better. I am sorry that you still have low self-esteem (I do too, trust me), but I am glad it is getting better. You seem to be a very incredible person, even though I don’t really know you. Lol. But you seem very strong and independent to me. Thank you for sharing your experiences with me. :sparkling_heart:

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