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Why are your favorite stories?
What are your favorite stories on Episode?
Episode story suggestions...................PLZZ tell me your fav episodes
What is your favorite episode story so far?

It is in the right section if you mean Episode stories ^^


My Psycho


For limelight;
Evil is created
Enemies With Benefits
The New Us 2.0
Me plus three

For Ink;
Haute as Hell
Damaged Goods
Chain Reaction


Imma reas those stories :wink:


For Limelight:
One of the Girls
Melody of the Heart
To Love and be Loved
Follow Me
Hidden Motives

For Ink:
Ace of Hearts
Livin’ In The 80’s
Wentworth (INK)
Faking Death
The Missing Piece
Valor Woods [Complete]

For Classic:


What sort of genre are you looking for? :slight_smile: I’m not a big romance or drama reader, but I read plenty of other genres I could suggest!


Literally any genre! Just stories you think are awesome!
Im not a big romance or drama reader either See that rhyme? no? you dont care? sorry.


You could read Meet the Adams by Rasha. It’s an awesome comedy. :grin:


the new girl
jealousy in high heels


Ive red it and I was laughing so hard :joy: “how can a fart be this :joy:


Yess! Tysm ill definitely read those!


I have red jealousy in high heels already and its pretty good :smile: although the episodes are so short


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These are really good :)

The Ruby Tiara
The Shadow Heir
Bye Bye Bad Boy
Dead Wings
Fragile Bonds
From Zero to Hero
Everly After
Bound to the Lust Demon
Moonlit Feathers
Hit & Run

Any good stories on Episode?

Haha in that case this is what I have! I’ll just list the stories according to genre! In case you like one particular genre more than the other. lol All rhymes are best rhymes by the way! :laughing:

Mysterious Signals by @Antika
Dangerous Space by @nataliesky
Precision Impact by @surly
Cafe Paradox by MorningStar
Escaping Eternal by Sare-Jinx
Equality by @amepisode

Everly After and Ley Lines both by @Anya_R
Echoes of The Future and Fantastical: The Deathless by @purplezombieattack
Fantastical: The Triskele by @Kingsley
In Love With The Whisperer by @Rubyllee
Duemadiri (It’s a Visual novel but WELL worth it I promise) by @Vaena and EZWhitney

Mei by @Manna
Blurred Lines by SK Tales
H&V: Bad to the Bone by @LeeFunkEpisode
The Shadow Heir by @Arrows.Episode

Slayer and The Gift by @amepisode
Shroud by @quixote.chic
Spotlight: Borderline by @Echo_D
Purple Envelope by @Kose
The Stolen Child by E R Gurney

Have You Seen Monday? by @Rubyllee
Teen Years by @nrivera
Villain Rehab by @Caitoriri
Fantastical: Folks by Cribb
Demon Roommates by @Kaylas.epi

And that’s all I have for now. Hopefully you will find something that you enjoy from this list! :heart:


You have a wonderful list! You always forget to add your stories!

The Devil Within
H&V: Wild West
Haunted: Awakening


Hunting bad
Back and fourth
Dirty sexy teenagers


I would recomend anything by @MissLunaRose. Her stories are amazing. Hotel Hideaway has a decent story called A Little Like This. The spotting is a little off, but it’s not bad.


Aww thank you so much for recommending The Triskele! :heart: