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Don’t mention it…but plzz let me know you views. About the story …


My favourite stories would definitely be Joseph Evans’ stories. Three of his stories will always be in my heart (The Ember Effect, The Last Goodbye, The Secret of Rain), not that I don’t like the other ones but these ones just touched me in a way that no other story on episode can do.

The Secret of Rain - it was a truly remarkable story! I love the fantasy element of the story and I definitely loved the romance element. Rain and Leon are like one of the best ships on episode, I love the bonding between them. All the similarities they had since the beginning and the love they had for each other was just amazing. This is definitely a story I can read over and over again. I was actually sad when it was over because I wanted to read more chapters of it. Joseph Evans did an AMAZING job writing this story, it’s just perfect.

The Ember Effect - Just amazing. This story was written so creatively, I love the fantasy and the romance and everything! Ember is a character us girls can relate to at some point of our lives, I really felt the connection with her. And Ember and Ashton are such a cute ship. I love this story soooooo much and have read it so many times already. Hats off to Joseph Evans for writing another amazing story like this one.

The Last Goodbye - This story was the most different story out of all of Joseph Evans’ stories. It didn’t have the fantasy element in it but it did have the romance. I really liked this story because it was different. Not just from the other Joseph Evans stories but also from all the episode stories. It was strong. It’s based of off real life but it’s different. I liked the concept of the story and the plot was amazing too. I really like the understanding between MC and Jay. They both went through rough times in their lives, and I what I really find romantic is that they could come past it because of each other. It was just a spot on story. Joseph Evans is literally the best author on episode.

I like his other stories too but those 3 are my absolute favourites. I’m waiting for the new chapters of Glitch Girl, and I think this might be my favourite too if the love interest comes out more, and I think the chapters have been a bit rushed but it’s all good. :upside_down_face: I really do find the story interesting and can’t wait for the new episodes! :slight_smile: Joseph Evans is an amazing author and his stories manage to do the trick of making me feel sad whenever his stories end. All the endings of his story are so perfect and they touch me in a way no other story can.