Share your fictional crush/ship 😍


Hey peeps!
I don’t know if there isn’t already a thread like this one but I couldn’t find any…
You can share here:

  • your fictional crush (crush on fictional characters)
  • your favorite ships (I hope you know what does ‘ship’ mean :wink:), both popular and unpopular
  • polls (which fictional character is better, which ship rules,…)
  • gifs and pictures of fictional characters or ships
  • your opinions on fictional characters, ships and books/movies/tv series they are in
  • etc.

Not from Episode. Choose either books, movies, tv series, etc.


Oh my… I have a feeling I am going to love this thread.

Okay so I know no one here loves twilight but I am a sucker for that kinda stories so yeah I have a fictional crush on Edward Cullen.

If there is anyone who does like twilight who do you ship with Bella?

  • I am team Edward
  • Jacob forever

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  1. Ohhh I liked Caleb from Pretty Little Liears cuz he was funny and sarcastic lmao.

  2. Ohh I ship him and Hannah!

  • Hannah and Caleb
  • Spencer and Caleb

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Finally someone who doesn’t say Twilight is bullshit. :joy:
The plot itself is interesting and original.
Bella is maybe a bit idealised but who cares? Edward is Mr. Sparkle but it’s a part of a plot.
Vampires reflect sun. Deal with it.
I read books and saw movies and I still like both.


Haven’t seen PLL yet but I’m planning to :grin:


Oh my god! You are the first person here that I have heard appreciate twilight. Like as you said the plot was original and yeah vampires reflect sunlight dude. Deal with it! :heart_eyes: Edward Cullen is my bae. I love him both in movies and books. Have you read Twilight : Midnight sun and Twilight : Life and death too?


Yeah it’s really good!


I like Bella with Edward because I love Jacob and Nessie. These two ships just fit in the plot.
And Cullen family is precious. Alice is that innocent looking badass, Jasper is ‘tamed monster’, Emmet is a big teddy bear, Rosalie has a great backstory (vengeful bride lol) and mama and papa Cullen are :heart:


This thread sounds interesting!

I really really REALLY ship Gamora and Peter. What about y’all??

  • YES! I ship them so much!!!
  • Nope, sorry gurly.
  • Erm… Who are they??

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:grin::grin::grin: I am so happy to find someone who thinks like me. Like I haven’t ever seen anyone even appreciate twilight properly. Though i don’t understand why. Or maybe I do but it’s still a little unreasonable.


To those who don’t know who they are, they are from the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”. It’s one of Marvel’s movies.




Lmao :laughing:


I think every story has its value, doesn’t matter if it’s popular or not. This is a world of Stephanie Meyer and I enjoyed also her book The Host.
She has great ideas. Who says that Bella is almost flawless victim? Yeah, she was a victim when she was human and that’s also why Edward left, to keep her safe. She turned into a vampire later and it changed her.
I don’t understand why some people compare the main characters. Each of them is unique, doesn’t matter if it’s Bella, Katniss, Annabeth etc.




The way he looks at her.


Team Edward forever :joy:
Great, now I want to watch them again I just watched all twilight movies last week…


You have to watch it once a week LMAO.


The Good Doctor was showed for the first time in German last Tuesday and Dr Shaun Murphy looks like my real life crush… CAN WE PLEASE APPRECIATE HIS HAIR?!


These four are my recent ships :joy:
I’m a big Miraculer :beetle: :cat:


I always get weird and too dramatic after watching it, my Mum hides the DVDs from me :joy: