Share your fictional crush/ship 😍


Rick Riordan is a gr8 writer, I’m in love with his series, both Percy Jackson and Magnus Chase :grin:


i haven’t read magnus chase yet but i’ve heard great things about it
percy jackson/heroes of olympus are honestly so good and the cast is so diverse i love them


Wait until you meet Alex :heart:


I remember when I was younger, I shipped Bloom and Sky like crazy as well as Helia and Flora and I hated Riven so much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

P.S these are characters from Winx Club, a show I watched when I was very young :rofl:


ohoho i can’t wait lmao
i’d better start reading soon i think i have the first one


aah i remember winx club with their incredibly thin waists
it always stuck me as odd how the three villains were called icy, stormy, and… darcy


Winx Club was my childhood :joy:
Bloom and Sky are precious. And Riven was sometimes a pain in the ass lol.



Yeah, they were too thin, it was scary : /

Also, Icy, Stormy and Darcy kept coming back to fight the Winx in ALL THREE SEASONS despite the fact they were humiliated and defeated multiple times :rofl:

And don’t even get me started on the security at Alfea-how many evil people have attacked?! :scream:


Winx was my childhood, too :smile:

I loved it so much :heart:

Bloom and Sky were couple goals :sunny:

And you’re right, honestly Riven was so awful! Sometimes you just wanted to go in the TV and teach him a lesson :expressionless:


their bodies just went
the only other villains i remembered were those 4 cool goth dudes who kept going after roxy or whatever


I totally ship them. But why gamora died in avenger… :disappointed_relieved:


SPOILER ALERT :grimacing:
Jk, not for me lol


Fine, I’m pretty curious about this one…

Who do you ship Hermione Granger from HP with?

  • Harry (Harmony)
  • Ron (Romione)
  • Draco (Dramione)
  • Victor (Vikmione/Krumione)

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Oh my god! Winx Club was all my life when I was little! You’ve just bring me back so many good memories :heart_eyes:


Come on, peeps! I’m sure you have more fictional crushes and ships!

Anyone who knows Supernatural? Who’s your crush?

  • Sam Winchester :haircut_man:
  • Dean Winchester :six_pointed_star:
  • Castiel :angel:

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Deeaaaannnn :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Yup :black_heart:


This poll’s probably going to be a flop because I don’t know if you’ve read (or even know😂) those books.
From House of Night, P.C & Krisin Cast:

  • Zoey & Heath
  • Zoey & Eric
  • Zoey & Stark

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Ready for the flop :+1::joy:


Don’t know them, sorry :sweat_smile:


No problem :joy::wink:


Another poll :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hunger Games series

Who do you ship Katniss with?

  • Peeta all the way!
  • Gale…
  • Finnick!!!
  • She’s fine on her own… (No ship)

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