Share your (first) art/drawings!


Here is the thread to share your very first art/drawings! (Or your weirdest ones)
Here’s mine:

Don’t Click if you Value your Eyesight


Share your art / drawings

Yours is really good though, just saying. My first one was terrible. :grimacing:


smh yours was way better than mine lmfao


I know it looks really bad but I was new.


That’s wayyy better than my first!



Remember when I thought this was good?


That’s so good! You got that contour and highlighting down, girl!


I like how mine is just actual ass compared to yours :expressionless:


You may not think it’s good, but I do!


My first drawing

Cringy 1st drawing


Well I like my edits so much more now! They look actually like something and people say there good so ye.


Lmao why not


Again, all of yours are way better than mine


If that was your first edit then I’m extremely jealous.


dude Yours is way better then mine…like on my drawing the eyes are uneven, so are the lips and there is barely even a nose :joy:


Umm, mine has parts of the Gaussian blur outside of the lines, and when I tried shading, it looked like burnt skin. Plus, I didn’t even know about layers so I legit only had two layers.


Hahahhaha…well at least your artwork has improved :joy:


That’s the only good thing lol