Share your funniest glitches!

I swear this happens to me literally whenever anyone does this animation :joy:

Omg that’s hilarious! :joy::joy:
I kinda wanna see that video now :rofl::rofl:

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I need to find it :rofl:

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Hehe ok! Mind sending it to me if you find it? :sweat_smile::joy:

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Of course. It’s on my Instagram, somewhere I’ll try and grab it :rofl:

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Not funny, but my character is missing their shoe :pensive:


This glitch is from the story ‘Love & Let Live’ By S. Langdon- in this playthrough I chose to end up with the older brother (the one set to become king) and this happened at the end to our kids :joy: This happened a while ago but lookin at it still has me deceased :skull: The older kid is fine but I have no idea what’s going on with the other kid- it looks like it’s supposed to be a boy but behind it there’s a female body (you can even see some bare boobage haha)… like there’s so much going on I can’t even :joy: I actually took a screen recording of it but couldn’t find it so gotta settle for the screenshot :cry: haha


Yeah this happens to me all the time haha whenever a character rides a bike, horse etc one of their pant legs will be missing until the next scene. Never fails to have me dying laughin tho :joy:


Uhh I was designing a character and well this happened…



My friend got this one today :joy: