Share your funniest stories

as the title says, share your funniest stories it could be related to episode, or it could be something completely different :grin: enjoy!!

Ok so I was at college in my English class and my tutor was showing us ho quite reading is better than reading with a lot of noise. So first were told to read while chatting to our friends. She then asked if we understood what we had just read and of course we didn’t really know. So then she asked us to read in silence. The room went silent and out of no where I giggled I have no idea why, my friend gave a giggle because of me and then this giggle turned into the biggest laugh you have ever heard. I was full on belly laughing loudly and after a minute or 2 and still being un able to control it, I had to walk out (wasn’t sent out)
of the room to try and calm myself down. I continued to laugh and took myself to the toilets so I didn’t distract nearby lessons. I continued to laugh and was now finding it painful and hard to breathe. Slowly I managed to calm down, waited a minute or so to ensure it was gone and went back to class.

Bare in mind I was 21 :joy::woman_facepalming:t2: I walked back In and continued the lesson. At the end I went over to my tutor and apologised for what happened. She said it was fine but asked why I was laughing and like I said to her “I have no idea…”
:joy: has to be my best/hardest/longest laugh ever


Once a teacher accidentally told me he loved me.

After school, he called me to his classroom to show me where he moved my equipment (I was doing woodwork at the time). He was talking to me & he told me that I was “the anchor on the boat” in the class. Meaning, I was holding everybody back (I had been away a bit & I was kinda behind). As I was leaving he said “bye… I love you… see ya later.” :joy:

He didn’t even notice he said it.


I literally remember laughing so hard when you first told me this. :joy: :joy: @AniMAEVEtions

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