Share your history on episode!

I’m curious: What is your episode history?
How did you find episode? What prompted you to start your first story? What was your first story? How long did it take you to learn how to code/write dialogue?
Drop your answers down below!

My episode history

I started on episode when I was a reader, I think that’s how 99% of us did, anyway. I read stories off and on as a kid for years casually and always wondered if I was able to make my own, and how cool it would be to ever understand how to do that. So, I hopped on the portal when I was like 12 years old and I got as far as customizing my character before I realized it was going to be more work than I thought. I got intimidated, and quit (given, the portal was a lot more complicated back then)

Then, I continued as a reader before discovering a much easier way to create an episode story. There used to be a feature on the episode app where you could create a story in the app and it was 100 times easier than coding in the portal. I made stories that way, and obviously that didn’t last. You couldn’t zoom, add overlays, or custom backgrounds; it just wasn’t the right way to do it LOL.

I finally got onto the portal, and really tried to learn. But, as most authors do when they start out on episode, I learned WHILE trying to create a story that ended up getting published. As I progressed, I improved, partly by creating script templates for others to use every week, and through trial and error.

My old story wasn’t so impressive anymore, sadly. I revamped it, then did a limelight version, then revamped that one, then scraped the story altogether. Eventually I wrote a comedy called “Talentless”. It was in Limelight, and still had some scrappy directing, and a directionless plot. I scraped it. Then, I went back to my first story… (are we sensing a trend here?)- anyways, I did my first story for a while before I got overwhelmed by the fact that there was no music or speechbubbles in all ten episodes, so I wrote a short story as an entry into the “kiss and tell” contest.

I worked hard on it, and learned to tell a story beginning to end. I didn’t win, but I was put on a shelf, which was pretty exciting. THEN, more back and forth between whether or not I wanted to create a new story, or salvage my old ones. During all of this, I built a bit of a following on my social media where I posted templates still and edits.

My episode history was learning, going through the motions, and riddled with commitment issues to my stories. All I needed was a break to literally “break” me out of this cycle. I took a break for longer than I had in all the years I worked on episode (2018-2020)

When I returned (August 2021), it gave me the time to feel more confident in my writing and ability to create something I’m proud of. My writing voice improved greatly. Now I have a new story out that I plan to finish, carried by all my learning experience. (“The day I died”)

I started episode at 14 years old and came back to it at 17. I love the idea of creating my own world and stories that people can participate in. I hope to find success in my new attempt. :))



If I remember correctly, I found it by a YouTube video making fun of it lol

I was really bored over my school holidays and wanted something so do, I didn’t expect to get so attached to writing on this platform haha

My first story I ever wrote was called Twin Temptation and it was SO BAD :joy: (I was only 12 when I wrote it though so I’m cutting myself some slack lmao) it only ever ended up getting 1k reads and it’s now archived. I started the first chapters on the mobile creator (rip) so the directing and dialogue was pretty sloppy. I prefer to erase that from my mind :nerd_face:

I learned to code shortly after publishing my first mobile creator story because I realised it just wasn’t cutting it. I don’t remember exactly how long it took me to learn, but I’ll say I’d gotten the basics down a month or two after I started. It’s been 4 years since and I’ve only just learned everything there is to know including overlays and all the small little things you can do with the portal.


1. What is your episode history?

It’s a short story, not really a long one lol.

2. How did you find episode?

When I got tablet for my birthday, I wanted to check out some apps that can let others write stories, and I came across episode. I think it was either an ad that got my attention or someone introduced me to it, or found a story on Youtube that got my attention, can’t remember which one lol.

3. What prompted you to start your first story?

When I checked out the app and started reading classic stories, that made me started to write.

4. What was your first story?

My First Love in Classic style but I wanted to discontinue it.

5. How long did it take you to learn how to code/write dialogue?

Just a year, it didn’t take that long for me to get the hand of writing and coding, all thanks to Joseph Evans lol