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If you wanna throw ideas around about potential stories, then you can do it here. Let’s support each other as a community! I know how much of a #%€$ writers block is :+1:t2:

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You move into a town home with your best friend. But the twist is it’s haunted. You’re friend is terrified of ghost while you don’t think they’re real. One night some paranormal activity happens and everything you owns disappears. Then your best friend is killed, slowly one by one you realize that you crazy DEAD (character) was behind this because of (something they hold over you).

Your a single girl whose been put into an all girl school. You meet a girl and she’s engaged to a boy. Knowing that’s she is lesbian MC tries to do everything and break the marriage. In the end the MC and the girl remain friends and the girl marries someone else. The MC loves the girl and during the wedding she confesses to the girl about her love.

Your an A-List celebrity who has everything handed down, you’re snooty, bratty, and a jerk. One day you meet a paparazzi and befriend them. One day the paparazzi exposes your deepest secret. What will happen to your career or money? As you lose everything.

That’s all I can think of. Lmao they ain’t 100% original tho lol

OOOH nice!!! The horror one is class!! :joy:

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Ahhhh lmao

I’m getting in the HALLOWEEN mood again!

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You go on a spontaneous trip to London. But don’t realize that a series of unfortunate events will occur. You meet you insane ex who desperately wants to get back together with you, your best friend who was with your boyfriend, and a snobby guy who wants nothing do you with you even though you’re interested in him

Topic Spy with a perfect life, everything’s been taken from you when you make one mistake. Letting love get to you. He stole your money, job, and life. Now you’re on a mission to get back at him.


I love the action plot :joy:

You’re new to the small town of Broussard, LA and you’re “not like all the other girls.” After a makeover from the popular girls, you see a golden opportunity to tear apart the high school hierarchy from the inside. However, as you spend more time with the populars, you realize they aren’t actually bad people and that there is no singular way to be a girl. Meanwhile, the true evil lurks in a misogynist serial killer who’s running rampant in Broussard. And do the populars know something about the serial killer that no one else does?

I’ve gotta find a way to shorten that summary lol

Woah!! Interesting :scream:

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