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I love this thread because I love diversity in stories :kissing_heart:
So I have 2 diverse stories that I would love for you to look at.
My first story is called Princess of Mars. The MC is a male, and he’s also mixed. His best friend is Polynesian and his crush is African American (+ more)

She came to save the world…
His biggest issue is saving his grades…
2 worlds galaxies apart combine to defeat evil.


The Mc is black and her adopted sisters are mixed. One of the sisters is bi sexual. Mc’s bff is asian (+more)

SURPRISE! It turns out that the family you’ve been living with for 17 years isn’t your blood family. Your life turns into a adventure to find the truth. Who can you trust?


I would be really thankful if you would check my stories out :kissing_cat:

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Hey guys!

Check out my new story: Forbidden Romance


It is about a young innocent girl whose family and friends are extremely religious. When she finally accepts that she is a lesbian, her world gets turned upside down.

It is packed with fun, romance, and drama! And your choices are very important to the story line! I love making diverse characters, if you have any suggestions, let me know!
This is my first story, but I am hoping to continue and make extremely colorful and meaningful stories that everyone can relate to.

There are currently 9 episodes published, and more to come!

Let me know what you think! I’ll check out yours too!



Bored and got nothing to do? Care to help a friend out? Read my story on the episode app it’s called

Title: Strictly Alive!
Author: RMBS
Genre: Romance
Summary: You were Born Rich, but with rules too. Will you be able to live your life? Or will you be bound by the rules.

  1. My fan mail is always open. Suggestions and comments are highly accepted.
  2. I can do read for read. Just say the title and author on my fanmail and I’ll make sure to read it!

Hey I’m so sorry, I saw your story was removed, if you republish, let me know!

Maybe instead of “I remember nothing into my mind how cute she was when I first saw her” have “There was nothing but the thoughts of how cute she was racing through my mind. I still remember when I first saw Emily Kingston.” I get what you are trying to say with what’s there but it’s kind of hard to understand.
For the scene of cover I would have a transition fade out
INT. COVER - DAY (but with the actual name of the background you have)
@pause for 4
@transition fade out black in 3
you can change the seconds how you want but I would include this so that it gives the reader a bit more time to look at all the details, remember, this is their first time seeing it. Also if you want to add a transition fade in in the scene after it you can have it like this
**&**MARISSA spot (spot you have her in) AND MARISSA faces left AND MARISSA starts search
&transition fade in black in 3

you usually want the fade in time to be the same or shorter than the previous fade out time, if that fade out time is right before the fade in. (Also if the above happens not to work try @transition fade in black in 3 instead) I usually avoid using fade ins just cause they’re so tricky to code! Plus I find just having a fade out tends to work just as well.

I would also include music here if music and sounds don’t bother you.
For example maybe I’d have
music music_backandforth
or any of the other songs you like on there. Music can be found under sounds

I really like how you introduce Emily! Having her slide into frame while the camera zooms out looks really cool! I want to incorporate similar effects in my future story, it’s very cinematic. Good job! :blush:
Also if that a blush overlay I see?? Good job! Overlays can be tricky.

I would also maybe have a bit more of a pause before MC reacts. usually for a fast reaction I use
@pause for .4
for a typical reaction I use
@pause for .6
For a typical reaction but a bit slower, maybe for drama I use
@pause for .8
I also typically incorporate these after a sound effect that I want my character to react to.

Maybe instead of having “My heart was beating as fast a hard beat scientifically could.” I would have “My heart was probably beating faster than any human heart should.” this sentence I think you meant to put “heart” instead of hard and the a after the word fast should be as, as well. "As fast as a"is what is generally used. So the sentence could also look like “My heart was beating as fast as a heart beat scientifically could.”
For “And, that’s how I started believing love at first sight. I just didn’t know I loved her then.”
This sentence is really cute!! I like the idea that love at first sight isn’t something you know right away but rather you look back on it and identify it. I find to be more realistic than someone knowing right then and there that they completely love someone.
Though make sure you include you preposition! :blush: so I’d have “And, that’s how I started believing in love at first sight. I just didn’t know I loved her then.”
Oooh I like that you can gain traits! That’s really cool and a nice unique way to use gains and points! Good job!
You have Marissa talk_shrug while talking to the two girls but she doesn’t say anything, this happens twice it’s very inconvenient that there isn’t just a shrugging non-talking action. Sometimes I use think instead when I want to convey a similar feeling. But you can leave the shrugs in if you want! I think the reader will still understand
I would have another fade out black before you have the cover shown again at the end. I would also have a fade in for the scene with the cover. Also! If you want to include a short music piece with the cover I think that would be really cool too!
all of the short musics are under sounds as well and can be incorporated either with
music short_musicXXX
sound short_musicXXX

sound makes it play only once while music makes it keep repeating. Also music will replace previously playing music and sound will replace previously playing sound. Sound and music can also play at the same time

I would also include character customization, there are templates here!

I notices a glitch when she runs on screen she runs and then walks then runs back into screen try having
@DANNY spot 1.28 -90 0
@DANNY walks to spot 1.28 400 0 in 3 AND DANNY does it while run_athletic

You can have Danny and her friend go to negative spots in order to make it seem like they are sitting in their chair
I usually have my characters start at 0 and walk to a negative spot so for example
@DANNY spot 1.28 450 0
@MARISOL spot 1.28 350 0
&DANNY walks to spot 1.28 250 -80 THEN DANNY starts idle_sit AND DANNY faces right
@MARISOL walks to spot 1.28 50 -80 THEN starts idle_sit AND MARISOL faces right

by the way those number above are guesses! But generally you need the number in -80’s position to be negative to get the effect I am talking about

Another method of having characters go down into seats is to have them walk to the spots and then slowly directly lower into the seats. I find this doesn’t always look the most natural but as long as you do it not too fast and not too slow it should look fine, here’s an example of what it could look like
@DANNY spot 1.28 450 0
@MARISOL spot 1.28 350 0
&DANNY walks to spot 1.28 250 0 THEN DANNY faces right
@MARISOL walks to spot 1.28 50 0 THEN MARISOL faces right
@pause for .2
&DANNY walks to spot 1.28 250 -80 in .8 THEN DANNY starts idle_sit
@MARISOL walks to spot 1.28 50 -80 in .8 THEN MARISOL starts idle_sit

I’m not previewing these so I’m not sure how they will look in portal but hopefully you get the gist of what to do from my examples!

If sound doesn’t bother you I would put in a sound for the class bell, I’m pretty sure there is one, it might be under phone sounds though or possibly int.
Danny and Marisol walk kinda close to the teacher you can have them walk back some but that’s just what I noticed you can also have them off screen walk to on screen, it looks like they spawn on screen and then walk to their spots, you can have this instead though
@DANNY spot 1.28 550 0
@MARISOL spot 1.28 450 0

when I have two characters off screen to the right and I have them walk on screen together I usually have them be about 100 apart so that way even if I don’t put the timing for their walking or say I do put in timing and I make it exactly the same they still won’t be walking on tip of each other so it can just look more natural.
So next I’d have
&DANNY walks to spot 1.28 250 0
@MARISOL walks to spot 1.28 150 0

and say if I wanted them to walk slower then the automated time for their walking I’d have something like
&DANNY walks to spot 1.28 250 0 in 5
@MARISOL walks to spot 1.28 150 in 5

5 being the seconds and if I want them to walk faster I could put a number less than 3 or something

In the scene with Principal Jay make sure Danny is facing him. You can have her face him in the scene by having
&DANNY spot 1.28 xxx xx (whatever spot you have now)
&DANNY faces left

before the @transition fade in

When Marisol comes to the house her and her tia do the same laugh, I usually try to have characters do different laughs if synchronized. It makes thing look less directed and more natural when I do that. Maybe have one do a chuckle and the other do a giggle. But!! If you have them do the same laugh to try to convey to the reader how close they are to one another. Bc like when you’re around someone for a long time you do start to pick up each other’s mannerisms, then you can leave it
I would have Danny do
@DANNY starts idle_sad
@pause for .6
I will let you two talk for a minute

rather than only have Danny start being sad in reaction to what Marisol says after the aunt leaves
Nice I like the transition you put in when you choose to talk to her brother! I’ve wanted to incorporate the special transitions in my own stories just to test it out, I haven’t done it yet though. But good job!! :smile:
I believe you can have Danny walk to the spot as the transition fades in by having
&DANNY spot 1.28 -60 0
&DANNY walks to spot 1.28 220 0 in 4
@transition fade in black
I would start the sad music when the mom enters screen instead of after she starts talking, that way you set the mood with just the pressence of her rather than implying to the reader that mood needs to be sad after sad words. The air is already tense between Danny and her mom, she doesn’t really like her mom and she already knows that her mother is upset with her so it would make sense she’s be on edge as soon as her mother entered the room and not just after she says what she says

Overall: I really liked this! I thought it was cute! I’m glad Danny and her mom have back story and I’m interested in their complex relationship. I know first episodes are generally short but even if you just go back and add in some more dialogue here and there or some pauses I think that could help with the pacing of everything. Because right now it kind of just goes from her laughing with her friend in class to moving back home. Pauses in conversation are natural and help to set mood and show that the characters are alive and thinking even when we don’t show their every thought and it helps for scenes to not seem like everything is happening super fast even if you only add one pause into the scene. But that being said you don’t need to add pauses all of the time just where you think they would naturally hesitate or stop to think even if you don’t explicitly show those thoughts. Also when it comes to sound keep in mind that you can have sound last through multiple scenes if the mood is maintained or if the mood in one scene between two other scenes of the same mood is a neutral mood scene. For example

scene - Danny is sad, so start sad music
next scene - neutral Danny is just thinking not really doing anything or is talking to someone and mood isn’t happy or sad, so music can continue
next scene - Danny is talking to her mom and is sad again, sad music is still playing

But generally try having the music play longer and see what it looks like and whether you think it fits or not. This story is really good! Good job! :heart:

Title :Her secrets , his sins
Author :Kls
Genre :drama
The MC is African American /Nigerian
Here’s my link :

Wow I wasn’t expecting this. Thank you for taking the time and reading, plus writing some notes for me too improve on. I appreciate it. The first couple episodes are rough b/c I was new and didn’t know much. I’ve learned a lot and have progressed as a writer -directing wise. Maybe one day when I’m less busy I’ll go back and fix what needs to be. But thanks again.

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Our story is very diverse!
Story - Beneath The Surface
Authors - Liv B and Aimee
Genre - Action
Chapters out - 2
Description - Being a FBI agent was always your passion, but there is a dark side to every dream. Secrets appear and it’s up to you to find the truth. Can you discover it and finally move on?

Title: Being Me.
Genre: Romance.
Description: One 23-year old girl hasn’t had a boyfriend. Ever. Should she do something about it?
Story link:
Especially want comments on: Do my characters feel real? Besides, the first scene outside the university is bit of a mess. Can you help me with cleaning it up?

Title: Fantastical: Nature’s caprices
Genre: Tantasy
Description: Ana’s world is turning upside down when she finds out that she’s one of nature’s caprices - and if that isn’t enough, something seems to be off with her powers.
Contains LGBT 'cause spread the love :couple_with_heart_woman_man: :couple_with_heart_man_man: :couple_with_heart_woman_woman:
Story Link:

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Hey there, I really hope you can give a review of my story! I’d love to hear what you’d think because I put a lot of work into making it accurate. Both of the main characters are mentally ill, the mc’s best friend is mentally ill (spoiler: she has schizophrenia) and the main character is heavily alluded to having depression.

Title: Over Before You Know It
Author: Lizard
Genre: Drama
Description: You and your best friend make a suicide pact to go to the Grand Canyon and end it all together. Will you both really do it? Or will it be over before you know it?
Number of Episodes: 7
Style: Ink
My instagram: @lizard.episode

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Here’s mine !:wink:

Title: Fantastical: Regnum Fortes
Author: TheBigMystery
Genre: Fantasy
Episodes: 3 (on-going)
Style: Limelight
Instagram: @thebigmystery.episode
Description: You’re a set of twins which were suddenly zapped into a realm you never knew existed. What now?
What to expect:

  • This story uses a point system! (Choices actually matter.)
  • This story has a wide variety of Love Interests! Even options for the LGBT community!
  • Some pretty rad effects! (50+ overlays and backgrounds were used!)
  • Fighting scenes!
  • Plot twists you never saw coming!
  • Diverse characters!
  • Great directing!
  • Text effects!
  • + Many more features!
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Please check out my new story

Title: “LGBT” Finding Myself
Author: Davidcrvz
Genre: Action, (Slight) Romance
What’s the first thing on you’re mind? Ah yes…REVENGE! Can you track down the person who murder your parents and still be goo or evil?(2 ENDINGS!)
Extra: Chose gender, 5 love interest and Character Customization


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I read that story and loved it <3

:slight_smile: thank you dear! I’m glad you did <3

hello, please check out my gay story! (multiple lgbtq+ romances)
Title: Spellbound
Author: J.R.
Genre: Fantasy
Description: Young witch Janae Sueng was supposed to have an extraordinary 17th birthday: too bad she was faced with the task of saving the world with her five incompetent friends.
Extra: no character customization, diverse characters (race/sexuality), witchcraftimage

Name: Illegal But Perfect
Description: Dion Byer goes to school and gets to know his new teacher. (Made the title long while ago, kinda don’t endorse it. The pairing will get together LEGALLY) Major drama and strong chemistry. Girl gay best friend as well and a strong brotherly love between her and the main character. A slow burn and aquatinted feelings. Humor and dark themes heavily included.
Chapters: As of September 3rd 2018 5:32 PM Five Chapters Are Out (rewrite of ink into limelight)
Genre: Romance/Drama/Humor
Style: Limelight (ink version turned into limelight)

Illegal_But_Perfect_LIMELIGHT_VER_LGBT_posterImage_cEf9xJ3Vpb !!