Share your most embarrassing stories!

Hiiiiii! So I’ve been wanting to make this thread for awhile, but I embarrass myself a LOT and I thought it would be fun if we could share our embarrassing moments together! I’ll share a story first:

I was in band class a couple years ago, and I played drums. We had so many drums set up on stands and there wasn’t much space to walk around. Long story short, I tried to squeeze past a drum and knocked it over!! The crash was so loud that it disrupted the whole practice :skull::sob:

Feel free to drop yours down below!! Maybe we can share a laugh together :joy:

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I mean the real question is when do I not embarrass myself. Like there is so many embarrassing things I have done. :joy:


Thanks for the tag!
I remember that one time when something very similar happened in fourth grade. My mom’s friend’s kids had just come and let’s just say I would rather throw myself off a cliff then meet them :sweat_smile: . They had come over and I had just got this brand new nintendo switch and there was no way they were getting hold of it.

That’s when I realized I forgot to move it before they came. So while they were removing the buttons of my TV remote (Told you, they are crazy) I tried to sneak past behind a plant pot. Well a spider came out and I’m no arachnophobe but that thing scared the living daylights out of me. So I tripped over, crashing to the ground and RIP nintendo switch (Okay it still works but you understand my point) :joy:

EDIT:Just remembered this detail…
If things could not get worse, when they caught my switch I told them it had no battery (I was actually telling the truth, it was dead from playing Mario kart). They pressed the button and from some form of voodoo magic, the thing turned on and everyone thought I was lying :feels:


Something like this happened to me too! :sweat_smile::joy:

So in my school, I had to go to the second floor. And in between the passage of first and second floor there was a CCTV camera, I mean we had to stand there and let it scan our pic to give our attendance.
I was with my friends and my crush :eyes: going upstairs. And something got into me and I fell on the stairs. Yeh that’s common, but the embarrassing thing was the camera captured me falling and WHOLE SCHOOL (all the rooms had the screen of the camera) saw my picture :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::rofl::rofl:

Thanks for the tag :heart:


Crashed my car in front of my crush and he and 4 other guys have to lift it up from the drain but that did not work. Dare not to look into his eyes after this happen wish i can delete it from his memory :woman_facepalming:


Something like this happened to me like this when I was like 9 yrs old…
So basically I used to work in a youtube series that time and we used to have late night shoots…
While we used to have late night shoots we had some rooms in that building where we can stay the night with the crew and go back home next morning. One night after having late night shoot we were about to go home but my friends asked me to stay in the building that night. So I basically agreed on staying and then we had that guts at night to go and explore the building at midnight. We went and when we were going down the stairs we saw the bitch of our cast and I don’t know what got into me but she was looking like a freakin’ ghost at night with a facemask and something on her lips and then I screamed so badly almost waking up the whole building and crew and when the people there turned on the lights I saw that she was just finding a water cooler there at night and I was so embarrassed to face everybody at the shoot next day :joy:


So many to choose…

I was out with friends seeing Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time in a theatre.

We were getting settled in our seats (with toast, water guns, toilet paper, etc for the audience particip-…say it! say it! …pation!..thankyou.), Dave’s then girlfriend Laura asked me, “Are you a virgin, Garner?”

“That’s personal,” I replied, and she laughed, as I had misinterpreted the question.

She was simply asking if this was my first time seeing the film with an audience.

First time Rocky Horror fans are called ‘virgins’, which, as this was my first time seeing the show, I hadn’t known, and of course, consequently, admitted I also hadn’t ever had sex yet either. I turned red as Frank’s lipstick.


Okay, so this was when I was in eighth grade. I was playing the lead in the fall play, yay me lol and there was this one scene where I had to scream this line, but when I did I had this MASSIVE voice crack.
I had to stop and repeat my line. :flushed:

The audience laughed :persevere:


So sorry about that…when I was in eight grade also something happened…we were like performing a dance on stage in front of so many people…I couldn’t even count.we dressed in something traditional and mine was loose so while we were dancing…the clothe covering my legs fell off like totally :sob::broken_heart::joy:…I don’t know I stood there like a log Nd someone from the audience had to come up to d stage and help me cover up… luckily I was wearing something shorter inside…so noone saw my panties :sweat_smile:…another happened while I was in senior school…d teacher was teaching Nd I farted a few people heard it and started to laugh and that disrupted the teachers teaching he immediately asked what was funny to be sure it wasn’t him causing the laughter…I didn’t want them to get detention so I took responsibility for it and the whole started laughing and till today they call me Mrs fart and keep saying maybe I ate alot of beans which I didn’t it was just an accident…


Nooo!! :scream:
I would die if that happened to me honestly :confounded::sweat_smile:


Lol I still live in d shame tho’…wish that day never repeats itself…also when I fell down d stairs and a lot of students saw that including the juniors…some said sorry while others laughed I covered face and ran to class…tbh a lot of embarrassing things happen to me all the time


Aw man :persevere:

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This one isn’t too embarrassing to handle, but I was still kinda embarrassed in the moment lol. Late last year, I was in my zoom math class and I unmuted to ask my teacher a question. I guess I forgot to mute it back because I was doing a problem and my brain was having one of those moments so I was talking to myself like: “girl, what’s 4x2? 4x2??? helloooo. It’s 8 right?” and my teacher was like “who is that? is that you (talking to me)” and I was like “oh… yeah… haha… :flushed: :grimacing:” It was kinda funny tho


Just yesterday, I was in my band class and we were preparing to record a quick segment of our piece as an exercise and…

The music program glitched and kept auto-transposing my sound (mind you, the key was F major, but it kept playing back as Eb major) and I was just like … well sh*t. :joy: Explaining to my teacher why I didn’t have a submission for that day was interesting to say the least. Like what else could I say: "Oh, sorry, my mic is stuck in the key of Eb :skull: "


Oof I’m late to my own thread!

Lol I feel the exact same way!! It’s honestly hard to keep track of all the embarrassing or dumb things I do :skull::laughing:


Peeing my pants in 6th grade :pensive::raised_back_of_hand:
Not my best moment :sob:


Oh goodness!! I’m shocked something like that hasn’t happened to me yet :laughing: (and yw for the tag! :heart:)

Noooo!! That’s super embarrassing lol! Hopefully it wasn’t too awkward :sweat_smile:

This has happened to me so many times, you’re definitely not alone! :sob::sweat_smile:

I trip over the stairs so much :joy: once I wasn’t paying attention and I fell down the stairs with a mug of coffee in my hand :skull:
Your other stories sound super embarrassing too :pleading_face::sweat_smile:

Oh noooo :joy: I’m always afraid I’m not muted too! And then there are so many times when I try to talk and I don’t realize I AM muted :rofl:

Woah that’s so weird!! What program is that? I’ve mostly done choir recordings but luckily nothing like that has happened to me yet! :sweat_smile:


Oh gosh I wouldn’t be able to live that down :sob: especially not in class!


Not me being 15 days late :sob: :raised_hand:

There’s so many stories I don’t know which one to pick!
I used to fall down a lot. Too often. I was having a race with my friend,he was always faster than me, and I was very competitive.
We got to the end, and I won! All you had to do was touch the fence, and so I did.

However… No one told me about the mud at the end

I slid like it was a slip n slide :skull:


Haha that’s ok!!

Oh yikessssss that does sound embarrassing :sob: hopefully your clothes didn’t get ruined!

I remember when I got super competitive with my friend and I told her I could beat her on a one-on-one game of basketball (she’s really talk btw lol). I think I got one bucket but she totally destroyed me :clown_face::joy:

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