Share your most embarrassing stories!

Oh, but they did! My friends tried to help me get the dirt off my coat in the bathroom, they were not helpful at all! They just laughed at me :sob:

I love how we’re always so competitive, then we get too cocky :crazy_face:
Oop, did you get her back though??

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Nooooooooo :sob: your friends should’ve helped tho- maybe you can get them back now :joy:

Yeah exactly! And no, I was too exhausted :sweat_smile: we just decided to go inside and play the Wii :rofl:

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Oh I did, every time they fall, or get hit by a football I just die laughing :relaxed:

As I should :grin:

That’s relatable :crazy_face:

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Yesssss serves them right :relieved::joy:

We even got way too competitive playing Mario Party! We may have a problem :rofl:

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Just slightly! Not a big problem… Maybe a big problem :sweat_smile:

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I was at a pool party in my freshman year of college, this guy and I had been making eye contact all night; but like, it was the flirting type of eye contact. I flipped my hair, giggled, and glanced back from time to time while trying to act as if I wasn’t that interested. One of my close friends had mentioned she was going to get some water, and conveniently, you had to walk past this guy and his friends to get to the water. So I perked up and was like “No! I’ll do it.”

I was so focused on making sure that I looked good that I forgot I had a towel wrapped around me, so as a result I tripped and landed face first in the water. I got out and him and his friends were laughing HYSTERICALLY. I turned cherry red and ran the hell away. I couldn’t face him at that point, I was way too embarrassed to be like “Hey! I was so distracted by you that I tripped like a clown.”

Sadly this isn’t an episode story, so he didn’t come to check on me or make sure I was alright. I spent a solid 20 minutes in the bathroom freaking out. Oh, and I should mention I had a bloody knee and arm from hitting the bottom. :partying_face:


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