Share your opinions for my upcoming story

So…I’m working on a story

  • Title: Beauty And The Boss

  • Story description: You’re a single mom with a troubled past. But what happens when you go to Nyc for a job and have to work for your arch-nemesis?
    And what worse? Your past follows you!

  • Genre: Drama/ comedy

So, I just want to know would anyone read this? (feel free to share your opinions and suggestions…and plz be honest :wink:)


@Malena.epi i think it depends if they will read and it interesting story

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Hmm, it really depends-

Im more inclined to read if the archnemesis is not the LI so there’s something unique in comparison to some stories-

I also find the “and your past follows you” a bit vague and overused in Episode stories’ descriptions ;-; it does add a bit of mystery, but idk maybe it’s my pet peeve

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So what should I use Instead of “your past…” (any ideas?)

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I’m not really good at storytelling/descriptions myself tbh :sob: so I cannot give any ideas as of now (sorry)

It’s still a good description though!

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Anyways Thanks!.. I was just confused should I continue writing or not.

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Definitely you should still continue :smiley: :heart::heart::heart:
Given that it is a Drama/Comedy, I can see a lot of fun scenarios when she realizes she’s working for her archnemesis :rofl:

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I like these type of story even it’s cliche I hope I didn’t offend you in anyway…, so yes I would read it.

And I also think that there are better ways to write the description.

Well yeah will do but it most probably depends on your description your description should attract many readers.
It’s just my point of view :sweat_smile:

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Thank you and yh, there are lots!

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Of course you didn’t and Thanks for your opinion.

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If it’s published, feel free to tag me. :slight_smile:

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I like the word play in the title. However the story description seems to drift off from the themes that you have set in the title. Reading just from the title seems to be a romantic story between an employee and a boss.

However, I see that you have some interesting ideas in the description, perhaps change the title to match the overall atmosphere that you are going to provide for you audience?

Also be aware of grammar, on the third line: And what’s worse?

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Yh, I also thought about that. (About the title)
But unfortunately, nothing else came to my mind…can you maybe give me some title ideas?

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Just by looking at your description, it gives me an impression of a financially independent women (the single mom).

Maybe a very simple ‘Queen bee’ as a title would be simply sufficient. Being someone hardworking and someone who can overcome obstacles.

But this title can also be open for interpretation for the audience to associate the title ‘Queen Bee’ with the arch-nemesis as well, as I assume would be someone bossy, like a diva?

What do you think? x

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I truly love this story idea! Have you thought of any new names?
I personally agree with @moonmette on the title. I see "Beauty And The Boss as a romance (which I would read btw).
Maybe something that states their relationship more accurately, like “Nonchalant Nemesis”

Something less Romance-y, basically.

Whatever you do, don’t make it “My Boss Is My Nemesis!” :grin:


Tbh, you made me laugh :laughing:
And, yh It’s mostly drama /comedy with a bit of romance.

Well…I’m struggling with the title. (But, nvm, It’s not like I’m publishing it anytime soon)

I am in the exact same spot with my story. :grin:

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I just thought of something (Yes, I have been racking my brain all this time thinking of titles):

Fermenting Feud

Now, you don’t have to like it, but Mm :relieved: , You got to respect it.

(I hope you can make something with it)

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Yh well… someone recommended me Troubled Business…so I think I’ll go with that.

But, thanks for trying to help.

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