Share your personal horror stories!

Wait till you get to high school I could’ve gotten into honors but I didn’t care to try enough my freshman year like you ever be so dumb you failed gym I’m at that point.


I don’t wanna got to HS ive heard so much bad stuff and even the teachers make it sound horrible, but I do wanna get away from the 6th graders though, I saw a girl yesterday with a Gucci bag and a vape :woman_facepalming:


It was a quiet night and we were helping the bar staff team clean up after my nans birthday party and someone placed a Gin bottle on the CENTRE of the bar.

I sat down and went on my phone and I looked at the gin bottle for a second and it legit FLEW off the bar, like it completely yeeted itself of the bar.

I watched and then looked at the bar staff and I got up and went to my parents.

I never went back there again :grimacing:

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High school is bad I mean mine is really bad most of the time we don’t even learn because the kids are cursing out the teachers or arguing enjoy 8th grade while you got it because high school sucks.


Sounds like New York.

Ok so I have a story.

This one is my scariest sleep paralysis experience.

So I woke up one night from a dream and had recently watched a video that if you wake up in the middle of the night, if you just close your eyes and lay completely still- your mind will think that you never woke up, and it will start dreaming- with your mind fully awake.
The person creating the video warned that it could cause sleep paralysis, but I thought that this would be my one time to actually know that I’m dreaming in the dream, so I really wanted to try it.

So I closed my eyes and just laid there in my bed for a while, when something started to go wrong. I opened my eyes just a little and noticed that I was in sleep paralysis. I instantly closed my eyes because I didn’t want to see anything- because sleep paralysis can cause you to halucinate.
But then I heard someone screaming at me. It was a man and he was screaming at me- it was VERY loud and very surprising. I was completely terrified.
I knew it was sleep paralysis causing this, but I was so scared. He was cursing at me- saying all the curse words in the book. But what’s strange is I don’t curse and at the time hadn’t been around people who cursed- I was fine with cursing, but it scared me because the man using it was using it in such a negative way.

I still wanted to lucid dream and I started to, but I got so scared and felt so trapped. In the dream I was standing in my hallway, and it literally started to collapse as I got more scared.

I eventually quit and woke up. Couldn’t go to sleep for like an hour after that.

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A couple of years ago my mom call me saying dinner was ready so I get out of my room and I see someone in sitting in my sister bed but I thought it was my sister so I tell her dinner is read. When I go to the living room I see my sister eating…I froze and then went back to her room but there was no one.

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Based on real events (?)

A couple of months ago, I got home early, knowing that my little nephew was waiting for me. I unlocked the front door, then I noticed that the one that actually leads to my house was slightly ajar. Just as I was about to fully open that door to get inside, I heard my nephew chuckle, saw his tiny silhouette turn around and run away. See, we usually play this game in which he sets off running and hides so that I cannot say hi to him and kiss the hell out of his cheeks, and the moment I saw him getting away from me, I knew the game was on. Anyway, I threw the door open and started running after him. By the time I caught up, I only got a glimpse of his silhouette dashing around and into my mother’s room, but when I crossed the threshold, he was nowhere to be seen. It was dark, so I stood there for a second, surprised because wow, he was fast… and smart; when had he got so good at playing hide and seek?


Five seconds later, my real nephew called my name from the kitchen. When I backed away from the room, he jogged up to me and hugged my legs from behind.

Now, let me tell you, I am sceptical about paranormal stuff, but that afternoon in which I chased a fucking gremlin into the dark, I almost shitted my pants.


Sometimes I’m dreaming and suddenly I have the sensation that I’m falling ! :scream:
It’s really scary !

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When my cat eat raw chicken :fearful::fearful::fearful::fearful::weary::weary::weary::weary::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:

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Someone tried to snatch me but me being me I kicked them where the sun don’t shine! And then broke his nose and called 911 :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Yes queen :crown:

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I remember once I was at my favorite pizzeria in NYC, so I’m walking out the door with my Italian ice and this dude that’s sitting right by the door says “Oh, boy that look good.” But I dont think he was talking about the food :woman_facepalming:

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