Share your pranks you've done or have been done on you!

As tomorrow is April Fools I wanted to hear some of your experiences with pranks and even April Fools day itself!
You can share some pranks you’ve pulled on someone!
Or ones pulled on you!

Also, I’m in need of some cool ideas for a prank on my friends so…
Feel free to comment some hilarious stuff below :hugs::see_no_evil::rofl:

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Used to prank relatives many times. One notable time was during Thanksgiving in 2018. A lot of people in my family showed up and it was being held at my aunt’s house. I couldn’t stand my aunt, she was a pain in the a*s. I purchased some stinkbombs from the Dollar Tree… since I’m cost-efficient. I waited until my aunt went to the bathroom during the Thanksgiving lunch (around 12pm-1pm). She went to the bathroom on the first level (you know where this is going) and she even had the clownish insolence to announce “i’M goInG tO tHE bAtHRooM, I’lL bE RIgHt BacK!”

She made a terrible mistake… I had my stinkbombs ready. This was the moment I was waiting for.

After she exited the bathroom, I quickly went in while no one was looking and planted my stinky stealth bombs. The entire bathroom smelled like a pile of sh*t!

I left the bathroom and waited. One of my other relatives screamed in horror when she entered the bathroom. Many of the guests went over to the bathroom and were repulsed by the smell. My aunt was so embarrassed. It was amazing to see her squirm while everyone looked at her with disgust. Unfortunately… someone was smart enough and found the stink bomb 15 minutes later. One person said they saw ME enter the bathroom shortly after my aunt left. A snitch! I thought I was in the clear and that no one noticed me! Long story short, the smell didn’t go away until three hours later, I had to apologize to everyone, I wasn’t allowed any dessert, and my mother gave me the five fingers.


Oh my god thats such a funny prank, I could never have done that :rofl: I love the ending though, its hilarious :rofl::see_no_evil:

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One of my friend was crazy - obsessed with coke… So me and my other friend thought of mixing salt with it before letting her to have it.

At first she looked at us suspiciously as she knew the 3 of us are coke addict and none can share their precious drink, but she eventually accept it.

Me and my other friend somehow control our laughter- when she ran towards the restroom in such a hurry from the classroom! Thank goodness she didn’t spilled it out in front of the whole class.


I feel as though that will happen to me one day with my own friends because I’m addicted to gum :see_no_evil::rofl:

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gonnaa wait for it XD

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That is quite the bold prank to pull :joy::joy: I would have been mortified if I was caught doing that LOL (even more so if I was your aunt and people actually thought she was the reason it stunk in there :skull:)

I totally agree with you!! :joy::joy: idk why but smell-based pranks are hilarious to me! I could never be caught dead doing that tho lol

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