Share your request 2.0


My name is rayona and I am a rookie artist but an excellent coder. This topic can either be about me or you.

For me, I need a cover and a big cover and I don’t know If anyone want to trade to do it but that’s my requests.

For anyone willing to do it, I’ll do anything in my power to help them with Episode.

In this thread you can request help with overlays or coding that I can help you with but you can also ask others for artworks.

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What kind of cover? I might be able to help?

Really? Front cover lol.

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I’m not great at free-drawing but I’m good at editing. DM the details and I’ll see what I can pull off? If you like it, use it. If not it’s more practice for me lol


It’s fine. I just need a recreation of a image.

I would have to see it to know if I can do it. =) can you send me the image?


The title is a little confusing. To attract more forum users, change it a bit. :blob_hearts: