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Art in Her Movie
liv <3
It’s the 1950’s and Darlene is on her way to Los Angeles to work on a movie as a painter. She quickly falls for the star of the show, and soon realizes that Hollywood was her worst mistake.

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Fabled: Love between vampire and werewolf
Author: inagitaepisode
Description: Love between vampire and werewolf. Will the couple’s love come true, or will they have to fight against each other among the clans? (dark fantasy romance, CC & Art scene)
Genre: fantasy
IG: @Inagitaepisode


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Choice starts from episode 3
3 episodes out

Everyone has their own problem, but you find it hard to solve yours
Betrayed and hurt but what makes you happy is seeing your loved ones happy
Choice matters , based on real life

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I have read all 3 episodes of your story, lol 🫶🏾