Share your story! (For YouTube)

If any of you have any kind story you want me to narrate on YouTube for you, then complete this form right here! Write everything in details! It has to be a real life exprience though. :slight_smile:


My YouTube channel:


Theres millions of scary story tellers on youtube each wth their own styles i dont see why u shouldnt
Ur not the 1st nor the last to do this


Yeah go ahead!
This reminds me of the Reaction videos where the Fine Brothers said they should have the right to reaction videos or something like that and ppl got really mad, came at them, unsubscribed, etc.
People will come to ur defense if someone, which they shouldn’t, says something!
Besides, narrating scary stories isn’t really something that just one person came up with and owns, people have been telling scary stories for a long time, over the internet, campfire, etc.

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Yasss I love getting no sleep

Ooh if you do one on “Momo” I’ll watch it. That thing’s face scares the hell outta me, but after a while it doesn’t get that bad. It’s just that she’s unpleasant to look at.

Wow, what’s your YT, I’d love to see the vids!

I haven’t made the videos yet, so I’ll tell you my channel once it’s made

Aight. xd

bump :slight_smile:

I created my channel!


hehehe… ik this may be a off topic questionif u don’t get the reference, u dissapoint me! but I get this error when I try to upload my video,

can I get help?

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