Share your story idea(s) and get feedback!

Hey! So I’m not really sure if this has been done before, but I figured if it hasn’t this would be helpful. Basically if you have a story idea you want feedback on, you can comment it here and people will give you feedback. What this isn’t is this isn’t a place to promote your new book. Simply share your ideas and get feedback!


Here’s my first Episode story idea of mine:

The Castleberry High School cheerleading squad has a dark secret: Behind all their pretty faces and cheerleading outfits are six hungry vampires who sure know how to show their school spirit!

When one of their own turns missing, the Vamp Champs have no choice, but to induct one of the Sophomore girls from the B Squad into their vixenous ranks. Siring new recruit Bonnibelle Baker may be the easy part, but keeping her from turning her into a vamp-gone-wild and draining the entire basketball team on the eve of the big homecoming game is another matter!

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dudeeeeeee this sounds so fire id totally read it

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Awwww~ Thanks.


that sounds amazing! Let me know if you ever publish it :wink:

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So I was thinking for a story idea the playable character exists and is the ruler of “Imagination Land” where dreams come true and all that cliche stuff. They know their citizens come and go naturally but lately many have been dragged away kicking and screaming begging not to leave. So cue the playable character journeying to “reality” to go figure out what is going on. However they are at a disadvantage now because there isn’t magic in Reality of course and reality doesn’t even have the some form of government as Imagination Land. The story is suppose to be light and purposefully silly. With the playable character bumbling their way around trying to take down “The Man” which seems to be the person making all the people unhappy. Of course you gain a friend/side kick along the way, but that is as far as it goes. I don’t feel like romance has a place in this story at all.

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