Hi I’d be very happy to do r4r with you, do you have instagram? If not it’s fine, my story called
Author Jojo
Genre mystery
Style ink
Instagram @fongjoline
Description Already struggling with her past, Rose falls into some more drama romance, mystery, what adventure and heartbreak will she face next?


style: INK
genre: Thriller/Horror/Mystery
Episodes Released: 3 (ONGOING)
Description: Carol is haunted by a series of terrifying dreams & cassettes.She strives to find her missing sister but is unaware that her six sense may led to unforeseeable consequences…



The story uses sound,music, good directing and point system with prizes included at the end of first, 3rd and 5th episode.Different types of choices included that might challenge your mental skills.Feedback via Q/A will be appreciated…


Feel free to check out my story! It’s called Risen and it is Mystery with sci-fi/fantasy elements.

Title: Risen
Author: Dxmonds / @DxmondsWrites on insta
Style: Ink
Episodes: 10 (and updating)
Genre: Mystery
Description: Charlotte Black was killed in 1979 by her fiancé, and Olivia Everhart was in the wrong place at the wrong time. But now they’re back. Will they ever be normal?



Story Title: Facing The Elements
Author: Froggie
Genre: Fantasy
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 3 with more coming
Story Description: You are an elemental that has been accepted into Delphi Academy, the world’s most prestigious school to train in controlling your element, but not all things are what they appear.


(also if anyone would like to help me with a good title screen thing, please message me on IG @froggie.episode)


** I’ll do a R4R with anyone who messages me on INSTAGRAM, I don’t get on here enough and I’d hate to miss someone message / comment / story **

Title: Built for Sin
Author: BlkHartBarbie (ALSO MY IG)
Chapters: 7 (TBC)
Style: INK
Genre: Drama (with a little romance and mystery)
Description: Maya is a journalist who has to interview hot billionaire Lucas Diaz. What happens when everything goes wrong? Will Maya stay true to herself or will this new life change her? For better or worse?



FRICTIONAL CHAPTER 5 is out now! :hearts:

Title : Frictional
Author : MrsBrina
Genre : Fantasy
Style : Ink
**Episodes :**5

Description: A new start in a small Town. Guard the secret before you become part of it yourself. Show them your strength with a powerful werewolf on your side.


Btw I’d love to create a group chat with all new episode writers and make friends so feel free to add username, and well support each other in the growth of or stories and promote each other (cute right?) :smiley: So add usernames!!:smile:
My story
Title : The Cartels daughter
Author : Kylie menr
Episodes : 4 (Ongoing)
Genre : Romance
Style : INK
Description : He’s intimidating, hes dangerous, he’s Damien Cruz. But resisting the temptation is your key to your survival, especially when he’s threatening your father…
Instagram ; Kyliemenr.episode
FRONT cover :


Title: Ocean’s 5
Author: Lara P.
Genre: Action
Chapters: 3 out (more coming soon)
Style: Ink
Description: Five highly skilled and most dangerous people on Earth are brought together for the biggest heist ever seen. What can go wrong?
Instagram: @larapstories


Story title : ORDINARY
Author : Miss Terry Writer
Instagram : missterry_episode
Genre: Drama/Romance
Style : Limelight
CC: Limited
Episodes: 3 [Episode 4 to be released soon, and more chapters to come]
Story description : Devon and her family moves to a new town to start a new life. All she ever wanted was to live an ordinary life, but she has inexplicable abilities that she can’t always control.
Drama, love, sex, friendship, sorrow, hapiness, heartbreak and a few flying objects are some of the contents of this story set in a small town highschool. The main characters in this story are not part of the in-croud and mean girls aren’t really mean.



Name: Kikyo.Writes
Details: Fantasy no Romance
Chapters: 3 (on going)
Genre: Fantasy
Style: Ink
CC: In episode 3 Also Q & A


Name: Tayle S.
Details: Switching with the worst person possible, how can you switch back? What will happen in each others bodies?
Description: “I didn’t switch minds, I didn’t switch genders, I switched bodies” - Anonymous
Chapters: 3 (on going)
Genre: Drama, mystery
Style: Limelight
CC: No
CHOICES: It’s medium.

Large cover:


Small Cover:



Hi, check out mine!

Title: CYBER
Author: Vivi
Style: Limelight
Genre: Fantasy, Action


TITLE: Certain Things
GENRE: Drama
AUTHOR: Lykush
STYLE: Limelight - Novel Style
DESCRIPTION: First love never dies, but sometimes, it does. This isn’t a fairytale, not everything is rainbows & butterflies. No matter how much you force it, the wrong person is still wrong.
INSTAGRAM: @ilykastory


Hi! I am also interested in read for reads if anyone is up for them?

Story Title: Daizees
Chapters:7 (working on CH 8 which will be a season finale.)
Description: Tattoos, Friendships, Love, and Rock n Roll. What happens when a secret from your past threatens to tear it all apart?



Title: College Days: Behind Closed Doors
Author: JessDeBest
Genre: Drama/Mystery
Style: INK
Story Description: College is all fun and games until you discover what’s behind closed doors. Students disappear one by one, and you’re going to get to the bottom of it.
Instagram: @iwrite.stories


Title: She Controls Love

Author: Lilz.epi

Insta: Lilz.epi

Genre: Drama but it has Romance as well

Style: Ink

Description: Who would’ve known that a game of Truth or Dare would change Brianna Lopez’s life for good.
Lust, love, lies and betrayal awaits.


Thank you for this thread :slight_smile:

I’m always up for R4R! If someone is interested DM me or send me a message on Instagram :slight_smile:

Here’s my story:
Title : The roses killer
Author: Rosenspitze
Genre: Mystery/ Thriller/ Romance
Style: Limelight
Number of episodes: 23 (more episodes coming soon)
Description: Will you be able to complete this case or will your inner demons hinder you? (3 Endings, romance content)(+ Halloween special ch.15)
Instagram: rosenspitze.episode



Hey guys :wave:t4:

Author: ChicaLondres
IG: thatgirllondon
Genre: Mystery/horror/romance
Episodes: 4
Status: More coming
Description: |CC| Your name is Scarlet and you are a Junior in high school. What happens when you find out that you are a demon hunter? Will YOU make it out alive?


My Story Cover Has NOT Yet Uploaded On App It Is Currently In Review

Feel Free To Read
It Would Mean So Much If You Did
Thank you❤️

Personally I just don’t do R4R
But I will read yours if I find it interesting!



Title: Wounded Souls
Author: SarahLuv
Genre: Thriller, Romance, Drama
Style: INK
Episodes: 7 (more coming soon)
Instagram: epi.sarahluv
Description: Shanelle has dealt with her deranged father all her life. With the help of Rowan, a guy she meets by chance. Will she be able to survive the wrath of her father’s demented games?
Story Link:


Hey, I’m Josh ,and thanks for the thread! ((^:

Here’s my first story:
Title : Dreams are Nightmares
Author: Just Josh
Genre: Action/ Thriller/ Romance
Style: Ink
Number of episodes: 6 (more episodes coming soon)
Description: With his parents murdered and his brother missing.You’re stuck with the liar to find the guilty one behind it all.But he’s the monster you created, and he’s everything you can’t control.
Instagram: just josh_writes