Share your tips for writers!

Writers, what made you the author you are today? How do you connect with your readers? How did you went from 0 stories to maybe 1 or more? From 0 episodes to 30 ? from 0 views to thousands? Share your tips for small authors!
I’ll share some too.
I started basic writing after watching a few tutorials, then I discovered the forum which helped improve my writing and coding by a LOT!
I follow people on the Episode app, which helped me get more reads for my story, I promote it now and then on the promote your story part of the forum.
I have an Instagram where I upload my readers with my stories (I just started)

Please share yours! x


When I played Episode on my tablet which isn’t working anymore, I wanted to write stories as well and it pushed me to do it.

How do you connect with your readers?

Instagram, mostly.

How did you went from 0 stories to maybe 1 or more?

Keep on pushing to write and ideas always pop in my head.

From 0 episodes to 30 ?

I usually maybe stop to 10, depending on how long I want it if that is what your question.

from 0 views to thousands?

1.6K for me.

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Thank you for answering! Instagram seems to be the best way to do it, though fanmails are great too

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Yes, I always work with fanmails as well. I got my first famail when I did my first story, and I was like wow, this is awesome.

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Same for me! Its really a good feeling lol

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lol indeed.

Like most things, practice. My first story was awful- both the writing and the directing. Writing on Episode is unique and the directing is definitely a huge learning curve at the start (it gets easier though!). My second story was a lot better (although I want to revamp it lol) and part of that was because I started to realise which genres I actually prefer writing (and naturally, this meant that my plot was more interesting and less forced). I also learnt how I work better- I need to plan stories out before starting and then plan each episode out before I begin. Everyone’s different though, but that keeps me on track and helps prevent writer’s block, plot holes and unnecessary rambling lol.

I learnt most of my coding through the guides and forums. No YouTube. I like to read things personally.

I use IG mostly :slight_smile: and I do post a little on the new social feed. I hope that rolls out to everyone soon as it makes sharing stories quite easy.

For my first story, I relied on read for reads. My second story was a contest winner, so that helped lol but even before that, it did quite well. I sometimes think that just entering contests can help as a lot of community members like to support entrants.

I don’t tend to have more than one incomplete story on the go but my longest story is only 16 episodes. Most of mine are heavily branched which choices that matter, so I find it easier to keep them shorter. I then start a new story when I’m done or when there’s a contest that catches my eye (most of my stories are contest entries).


Great! Thank you for your answer!
I personally don’t feel ready enough to enter a contest yet, but maybe one day! I have a lot of admiration for people who do, especially writing a story with a theme imposed and a limited time for entry is just mind blowing to me lol so congratulation for the win!

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I honestly entered more for the challenge :slight_smile: and the deadline (to keep me focused). The first contest I entered was mysterious and I honestly thought I’d be awful in that genre and I entered to challenge myself. I ended up realising that it’s one of my favourite genres to write in lol.
I actually really like the deadlines. Out of the five contests I’ve entered, three have had to be complete so it’s nice coming out after the deadline with a finished story :slight_smile:

Plus contests are fun because you get talking with the other entrants and often meet new people that way.


Seems fun and exciting!!

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I highly encourage submitting your story to review threads and being open to feedback and criticism so you can improve.
Knowing my strengths and working on my weaknesses is what made me the writer I am today.

Instagram is so important for this. Responding to dm and fanmail when you can. It means a lot to people. Polls and questionnaires on your insta story are a great way for fans to interact with you.

I’m still a small author. My more successful story has just over 1,500 chapters read. It may not seem like much but I have some lovely and dedicated fans already!
My tips for fellow small authors would be:

  • Proper spelling and grammar is a requirement. No exceptions.
  • You must have a clear plot and steady progression of the plot and subplots.
  • Utilize cliffhangers!
  • Make memorable characters with individual and well defined personalities.
  • Preview your story multiple times and try to make the directing as smooth and visually pleasing as possible.
  • Avoid topics you are not knowledgeable in. If you are clueless about pregnancy, street drugs, college etc. it’s going to show. Do research!

I just felt like writing when reading stories

I answer their message/insta

I listen to music and ideas start coming in my mind

If I lost motivation I just started to listen to music and just kept going

Idk :joy:

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I’ve been a writer since I was 12 years old; so in reality I’ve been an author for quite some time. Expressing my thoughts and feelings from my heart is what made me the author I am today.

I connect to my readers by incorporating real world issues and problems into my stories. I can relate to them by sharing my personal experiences within my stories. You never knew if a reader went through or is going through some of things that you went or gone through.

I went from 0 stories to maybe 1 or more by simply pushing myself to write. Motivating and encouraging myself is a huge thing that I’ve done. Nobody can push you to do anything unless you do it yourself. I had to be confident in myself to write more. You have to be confident in your story and in yourself. I did not let anything stop me from writing stories.


Well, this all mostly just started because I was bored :joy:

Hmmm, see Idk for this one. I only recently got instagram and kinda don’t like it/don’t think of it as the best way to connect with my readers… However, I’m sure they would disagree, because they find it easier to ask me when I will update talk to me :grinning: Other than that, I am pretty open in my fanmails and reply pretty quick (I once got fanmail about how quick I reply to fanmail)

I got tempted by a few contests themes in 2018 that contributed to growing the amount of stories I have :sweat_smile:

There are a lot of things that contributed to my growing read count.

  1. Being active on the forums -It didn’t happen overnight because I used to be afraid of posting so much, but I don’t doubt for a second that a decent amount of readers came from people who saw me say something opinionated and then wanted to see if I actually had talent lol.
  2. Shoutouts from more popular authors - I don’t know how they found me (Especially because I only got Instagram in January), I would assume the forums? Or maybe I was just high enough in the ranks one day and caught their eye? But the power of someone who has thousands of readers themselves recommending your story - whether it be on their shelf on the app or through that feed feature that only a few people have - actually makes a significant difference.
  3. I got featured on a shelf on the app. This one made the most difference in the shortest amount of time. Probably would not have happened without 1 or 2 happening first of course, but having my story selected for a shelf was the biggest boost for my reads.
  • Plan out your story
  • Get a beta reader
  • When you first publish, try to do more than the minimum three episodes since a lot of people worry you won’t continue if it’s your first story
  • Update in batches so people have something to binge read