Share your title ideas with me!

If you have any title ideas for this please share!

Description: Everyone thinks that your family is perfect, but behind those walls is a world of problems and dysfunction. Will you inform people of this or keep it a secret?

Genres: Drama, Mystery

Lily of the Valley (these flowers are beautiful but they’re very deceiving and dangerous) The MC’s family is like the flower, looks perfect, but isn’t




I like those titles :grinning:


Maybe . . .
Dollhouse (a reference to Melanie)
The Facade
The pretending
Will you keep a secret?


believe it or not, this story was inspired by that song


Oh that’s why that song came in my head :sweat_smile:

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@mousse.epyy @Kbail thanks!!



You cold also have the title be the last name of the family like

The Hennegin’s

The Gleeson family

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how did you come up with those last names?

Hennegin is a teacher I had in 7th grade and I have a friend with the last name Gleeson

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Why are you asking? :joy:

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i was curious LoLoLoL

Oh I see
It just confused me as well cause I’ve never been asked that :relaxed:

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I’m not sure if these would be good titles, but I’ll try.

Fragility (the family puts on this strong facade, but the foundation that keeps them stable has cracks within them. The cracks grow bigger as the facade goes longer.)

Fractured Roots (similar to Fragility’s reasoning, I thought of it as just the cracks showing. Also, a potential symbol for family is a tree. If there’s been secret problems that’s been starting early on before the MC’s birth, it could tie into the family tree. The very roots are brittle, gnawed, and fractured because the blood ties and falsehood continue the deterioration of the family stability.)

Propensity (I just really like how this word rolls off the tongue and it sounds kind of fancy. Google defines it as “an inclination or natural tendency to behave in a particular way.”. If the family naturally always falls into their masks, their tendency is for playing pretend)

The Marionette (It’s all about control for some people. If everyone’s being fake because something is holding them back, they’re being held by guilt, remorse, or conflicting feelings. The puppet strings grow tighter, holding them in place.)

That’s all I had in mind.

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Perfect Mask
Secret Perfection
The Dark Side of Perfection
Dark Perfection
Mysteries of Perfection
The Mystery Behind Perfection
Perfect Family
Mr. and Mrs. Perfect
Or my favorite that I have thought up of, Perfect Secret.
I hope that helps.

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here are a few:

Behind the curtains
Behind the walls
The illusion
Not that perfect
The pain of perfection
No one is perfect
Perfection is fake
Miss/Mr. Not That Perfect
When the curtain closes
Perfectly imperfect

I hope it helps you in some way

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