💕 Share your un-published script templates here! 💕

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This is a thread to share your un-published script templates that people can try out (tappable CC, non-tappable CC, outfit games, mini games, etc.) Provide your link and a short brief description about it. Mention the style as well. You can also test other people’s script templates out and post screenshots regarding them on this thread :two_hearts:

I’ll start:

Style: Limelight
Description: tappable CC templates although different types of things like dressing games will be added to it.
More than 1 episode


Style: INK
Description: tappable CC templates although different types of things like outfit games will be added to it.

Must be un-published and it doesn’t have to be 1 chapter, you can have a bunch of episodes that a community member can navigate through :rose:

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Hello! I just read through the first episode of your limelight template!
Everything technical worked, there was just a few things I think would be changed with the icons.
First of all, I found it very difficult at first to see where the finished button was

because it is red on orange, it’s difficult to see. I think changing it to another color, maybe green? Would make it more noticeable.
Another thing,

It is very difficult to read this text. I know you were trying to keep with the leaf-theme but the text is very hard to read. I suggest maybe making the text all one color (that dark red would be nice!) or just making it all black
Last thing, for the braces:

I was kind of confused about the icon used :sweat_smile: I get that it’s supposed to look like the metal wire, but it standing alone just doesn’t look quite right. Maybe if you showed a smiling mouth with the braces it would look better?

Other than that, it was amazing!!
I loved how whenever there were fangs/braces you had the character to a talking animation so the reader would be able to see the change, it was a really nice touch.
Great job :sparkling_heart:

Thanks, I wanted to have it kind of blend in though :nerd_face: I actually had people help me make the art pieces since I suck at art myself haha and when she made the braces, I believe she was struggling to make a mouth for it, so I suggested she leave it as a brace, that’s my doing :sweat_smile:

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