Share Your Writing Tips and Tricks!

Here is a thread where you can post tips you have for writing and directing an Episode story! I’m going to share a few of my own.

  1. Stand ins
    As you know if you’ve done an outfit change during a story before a different scene. Because @MC changes clothes has to be on a line by itself I use a stand-in for that. For example, say I have a character in a story about to have a flashback and they’re in it with a different outfit on. The stand-in with identical features to the MC takes over and does the flashback scene.

  2. Getting dressed off screen
    Say the story doesn’t pick up immeadately where it left off in the next chapter in my outro my characters will get dressed in new outfits or when a character exits off screen and is in another scene walk them off screen and sneak the change clothes code in with what’s still going on.


Okay , so here the trick I use while writing script on my phone
As scrolling the script on mobile ( or maybe on iPad too) it’s too difficult :sweat_smile:
So here is the trick I use :wink:
There are scenes on left hand side of script , click at scene —> it will show the names of backgrounds (you use ) , click on their names , and you will be on that line :hugs:
(Know that many didn’t write on phone , but …whatever :joy:)

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My tip:
Preview every 10 lines if you can

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Do you plan on writing a villain, that is really important to your story?

People like a villain that is remember-able and likeable.

A great way to make an antagonist like that is to give them a motive that as well as believable, it should be relatable too.

Think of your villain’s motive,

Why do they want to do what they want to do?
Did they have a relationship with the hero/MC in the past?
What did the hero/MC do to them that made the villain hate/dislike them so much?
What can the villain’s biggest flaw be?
How do they feel, when they think of their motive?
Does the villain’s motive bring out character to them?

I felt like writing about villain’s motives. Even with how old this thread is. Enjoy!