Sharing my plot (because I'm not confident in it)

So the idea for my story is:

A guy joins a criminal organization to be able to pay his rent. Everything is going okay until he walks in while his boss is in a meeting with her boss and she tells him to never get involved with her boss because he might kill him. Our main man is not thrilled by this news and now lives in fear. Eventually, he actually meets his boss’s boss while a bit drunk, there’s a few misinterpretations and well… they f-

That’s just the first episode because a, It’s in spotlight format (400 lines is a lot). b, It’s supposed to be a romance story and the main plot is supposed to be focusing on the relationship between Main character and his boss’s boss


I think it sounds great and I’d definitely read it especially if there’s a tiny bit of mystery but even without it I’d still read it :blush:

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