Sharing my skincare tips :)

I have always had some sort of acne on my skin for legit since 5th grade. I still have it today but, it has gotten better since I have had more knowledge on my skin. I know many people out in the world suffer from acne or whatever skin condition, so I want to help them. IM NOT A DERMATOLOGIST

If you have a skin condition that you need help to go through with tips just reply back :heart:

this might sound a bit weird for a chat but, I am just sharing because I have always wanted to help someone that went through the same thing as me or another condition👍


Not a weird chat at all! I also have skin issues. I’ve had Really bad rashes behind my knees since I was three, they come and go now. I also get keratosis Pilaris on my arms and have recently started to get back acne.

Just thought I would share lol :grinning:


I have acne but it is clearing, so yeah everyone has some skin issue of some kind.


I’ve had acne since I was 7 rip


Acne. :sweat:
I have had it since I was twelve (it was very severe) it’s clearing up now but my other family members have eczema. So we all have skin problems in my family. I found drinking a lot of water helps clear it up.


I’ve had acne since I was 15 (Until then I stupidly thought I wasn’t gonna get acne like soooo many teenagers and have perfect skin forever :sleepy:) i’m trying to clear it up but it just won’t go away… My acne did calm down a bit and I no longer have pimples on my chest, lower back and arms but the acne on my face and back won’t budge. Anyone’s got any tips?

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what tips have u tried?

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i’ve gone to a doctor and I take pills, use a special face soap and a cream medication and take cold showers (because warm ones damage your skin) I haveno fucking idea what more I can do *sigh *

have you checked ur diet?

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