Sharing my story! Assistant!

Story Info!
:cherry_blossom: Title: Assistant
:cherry_blossom: Author: Susie Huff
:cherry_blossom: Genre: Drama, Comedy, romance
:cherry_blossom: Description: She’s a nursing assistant with two kids. He’s a multimillionaire with nothing but his companies. What happens when their paths cross?.
:cherry_blossom: CC: Yes! Limited though!
:cherry_blossom: Episodes: 3 and almost done with 4
:cherry_blossom: Completed?: Not yet!
:cherry_blossom: Style: Limelight
:cherry_blossom: Do choices matter: No
:cherry_blossom: How many endings are there: Two
:cherry_blossom: Story cover:

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Would you like to for us to read each other’s stories and send some useful feedback ?

check my story and let me know, I’ll gladly read your story

My story’s name is: Feud: The beginning of a war

Description: girl who thinks that her relationship problems are all what she has to deal with until she finds herself trapped in a war between beings much more powerful than her. The story follows a girl who tries to help human guardians who use magic to keep the balance of powers among beings such as Jinn.

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Feud: The Beginning of a War

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Thank you so much.

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Sure. I’ll start reading it tonight. :heart:

hey girl i would love to do a rfr with you and help promote each other.

Check out my thread! I am here to help!