Sharing my story doesn’t work?

I recently just finished my first Episode on a story, and I wanted to show it to my friend. She downloaded the episode app and I sent her the link that you get when you click “share” on a story. But she says whenever she clicks it, that it just pulls up safari, and then the App Store for Episode. Am I sharing the wrong link or is she doing something wrong? I haven’t published the story yet, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. There’s also some backgrounds that haven’t been approved, but I’m pretty sure you can still send the link to friends.

Are you sharing the link at the bottom of your story page?

If you haven’t published it, it’s the only way she can read it. Backgrounds that aren’t approved won’t affect her being able to read it.


Thank you! I was trying to share it while in the app!

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