Sharing my story! (Not read for read)

I just wanted to share my story… Maybe I’ll gain a few reads. 🤷

So here’s my story:
Name: Spotlight: ESCAPE
Genre: Drama
Style: Ink and Spotlight
Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
Description: Sybil moves to England trying to escape her past… Chris is trying to escape his fate.
Will they both be able to escape who they are?
Or will they have to accept their lives?
My instagram: anonymous.episode.writes

You can also drop your stories here if you want. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey! I just started writing on episode .! Please check my story and let me know about it . It would mean the world to me :grin::heart_eyes::sunglasses:

Title: Engaged
Author: Navya Sallan
Genere: Comedy
Style: Ink
Description: What happens when you suddenly found out that you are engeged to a hot stranger in America and you are forced to move to America with him !



Hi guys :slight_smile:
Check out my story if you like :wink:
TITLE: Good Girl
GENRE: Romance, comedy
AUTHOR: Alexandra Alex
DESCRIPTION: She’s a good girl. He’s a bad boy. She hates him. Hi hates her. He’s the player. She gets played.
Episode: 8 (Ongoing)
Style: Ink
Read for Read: Yes
Instagram: @episode.alexandra.alex

Check Mine:

Style: Ink
Episodes:7 (ongoing)
Description: Nobody dares to mess with Neela. If anyone does, Neela surely teach them a lesson! But what will happen when the life itself will start messing with her?​​​​​​​

This is my first story I published and these are the details for it, I hope you guys could read it.
Author: feck.b
Category: action/adventure
Description: She runs in tears, bumping into a “school friend” stabbing someone. Forced to join in a British gang,What Will Haunt Her Now?
Link: cover:

This story also uses East London slang.

Your story sounds pretty interesting! I’d love to read it.

Here’s my story:

GENRE: Romance/Fantasy
STYLE: Limelight
EPISODES: 3 (Ongoing)
DESCRIPTION: A normal girl life turns upside down when a couple of gods ask her for help. Her objective is to return them to the heavens, but some obstacles may get in the way


Hey, can you please read my story? _

Title: Romantic Cruise
Author: Lawful Evil
Style: Ink
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 4 [Completed] 2 endings
Description: You break up with your cheating boyfriend and go on a cruise. What will happen if you meet a mysterious dangerous man? Customize Characters

Give me some feedback plz :slight_smile:

Hi everyone! This is my first story, id really love if you’d check it out and leave me some feed back! Thanks!

Malikai’s the bad boy, trouble maker. Katherine is a nobody. What happens when he sets his sights on her? Can he save her?

Hi, thank you for letting us share our stories here!
1.Title of the story: Addicted To You
2.Name of the author: Jane
3.Story genre: Romance/Drama
4.Story style: Ink
5.Story summary: You’re finally going to the same school as your best friend but what happens when you slap the school’s bad boy on your second day of school? CC
6.Link to the app:

Hey there,

Thank you for creating this thread! I’m a new author on Episode too and have published my story recently.

Title: Your Secret Admirer
Author: EpisodeCray
Story Description: What happens when Natalia’s secret love letter ends up in the hands of the wrong boy? Will she fall in love or will everything fall apart?


I just posted a mystery drama. There is going to be character customization, important choices that will change the story, mini-games, and other things. Oh, and, of course, lots of drama and scenes filled with adrenaline. :smirk::fire:

Story title: Blue Orchidea
Author: Ria
Genre: Mystery
Style: Limelight
Complete: No, 4 episodes (ongoing)
Description: Losing my parents because of their mistakes is one thing. Killing my sister is another. They will pay for it!
Instagram: rwriter.epy
Link: 1


Hey thank you for letting us post our stories :slight_smile:
Name: The Next Best Thing
Genre: Romance
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 6 (more episodes coming)
Description: Alex is your typical popular hottie, so what happens when his girlfriend leaves him for another guy? He makes a bet. But he gets a lot more than he bargained for.
Instagram: carmella_episode
Link :

Hi guys
Thank u for space for our stories :slight_smile:
Mine is called Girls
It´s LL and romance
Small description: Follow Grace,Ivy,Rhiannon,Luna,Sierra on their way. Story about 5 girls in their 20s. They are dealing with everyday problems and some own life battles.

Hope you like it :heart:

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