Sharing my Trailer. Please Share Your Trailer! Let's Help Each Other with Tips

Here’s my trailer. I used iMovie, which gets the job done (if you have a Mac).

^ Since I used a template, I was somewhat limited with length of sequences, so I’d ideally lengthen some bits by even half a second next time around.

Let’s see yours? What did you use to make it?


@LyraKeiken has some seriously epic trailers on IG. You should check them out. Both the Seven Seas and Villainous Heroes trailers are good (and so are the stories).

I also like the Agent Cinderella trailer, which you can find on @EliseC’s IG. I think it recreates the romance-meets-spy-thriller tonal blend of the story really well.


Aww thank you :slight_smile:

For some reason I can never figure out how to embed the video on the forums lol but here’s the link if anyone wants to see it: Agent Cinderella

I also used iMovie but I didn’t use a template.


This is my trailer for Adventurous: Seven Seas:

I used InShot to make it, so I had full creative control :joy:


It’s amazing :slight_smile: Splendid Job!

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