Sharing the new episode featured stories

Hi! I just think that it would be a good Idea to share the featured stories on episode that come out. This way, even the hidden ones can be found for people to read and possibly seeing new things that episode has come up with!


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What do you mean by this lol? When Episode releases a new story it’s available for everyone to read

Sometimes the stories come out early to some people and not the rest so they are able to see the newer stories on the featured shelf

Ok so when it’s officially released some people don’t have it because Episode hasn’t released it in all regions, so even if someone shares the link with you it won’t open on your device.

If you mean a beta read, thats different. Before Episode releases a story they release to certain people to test out, see if they read it, choose certain premium choices etc for research purposes. If someone shares that link then you will be able it read (usually without the gem choices). But after you read the whole beta it will disappear. Currently as an Android user I cannot share or access story links because of a recent update.

But whenever a new story is released (properly or beta) people usually make a discussion thread on it (just search for them in Episode Fan Community) and they share SS etc of all the choices maybe there you can ask someone to share the link as well

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