Sharing your story with friends without them getting updated unpublished content

hey guys! does anybody know if there’s a way to share your unreleased story to your friend without them getting updates on unpublished content? i mean, i want a girl to read my first episode, but i don’t want her to be able to read everything im working on right now. thank u!


If your story has already 3 episodes you should be able to share it.

@Girl.1 i mean, i have my unpublished story that doesn’t have 3 finished episodes and i want to share it only with my friend. if i give her the link, will she be able to see all the new content im writing like opportunity to read the next episode that im only working on but haven’t published?

Ohh…:hushed: Srry. Then try to share it from the mobile app. :thinking:

@Girl.1 no, i think the link i need is the one u sent , but my question is, will she still be able to see unpublished content after i publish? like if i will have 3 episodes published and im working on episode 4, will she be able to see it too?

Yes, it’s possible… :thinking: I am also not very sure…

@Girl.1 okay, thank u sm!:heart:

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she’ll on see the 3. not the ones you are working on

@LiyahxWrites oh, okay, so after i publish, she won’t have access to unpublished content anymore?

I’m not sure.

im asking that because of this

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She will be able to read all chapters you are working on until you will publish. When you will publish she wont be able to read the chapters that arent published :slight_smile:


@Tessx thank u sm! :heart:

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