She change spot by herlsef!

Okay, let’s see, I don’t know how to fix that.
Jericho is sitting but when she goes to ask “how are you?” she changes spot, I don’t understand anything :smiley: help?

its because she was sat, and has the idle animation when saying how are you, this means she is standing up, not sitting, you will have to use a sitting animation for this, or change her spot.

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nooo, i didn’t sit her in any animation :confused: and i tried changing her spot too and nothing

thats so weird, in that case its most likely a glitch, the portal has been so glitchy recently, check it on the app, if it looks correct then you can just leave it alone

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This is a glitch the portal currently has that many people are dealing with! The spot is correct in the script but once you preview it, under the previewer the spot shows something else! There’s currently a thread about the issue under the report a bug option on the forums.

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that’s right!!! ok tysm!