She doesn't walk!

So, hi, it’s me again. New problem, one of my characters won’t walk unless I remove the seconds (time) variable from the code. And it’s the same with my other characters :sob:


Someone help!!

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Hiya, you forgot to write the zones. You are probably in zone 3 or 2 for example, but your character will automatically goto zone 1. It’s supposed to be;

@CHEATEE walks to spot 0.812 41 163 in zone ** in 3 and CHEATEE does it while stepback_scared_loop

and same for the last line. second line is all good because you wrote zone 2 there

just make sure you copy-past all of the first line


(if it still doesn’t work, it may be something else before or after it. if you can post the full script that would be good)

OH I see now! I thought to put the time variable before the zones and didn’t test for after :sweat_smile: thank you so much! It works great now :slight_smile:

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