SHE, HER - am I the only one who finds Ruby annoying?


I’m currently reading She, Her and I am really enjoying the story, however, I am finding Ruby very self centered and annoying and even though I would like to choose the female as the love interest I just can’t bring myself to, because I honestly can’t really stand her.
I made this because I was going through the fanmail of this story and practically everybody was talking about how they loooove Ruby, and I just wanted to see if anybody else was with me. I just don’t like how she, first of all, (SPOILERS) drug Amber into that fight and kissed her without consent, that ticked me off in the first place. She proceeds to get angry at Amber, when she has no right to do so. Later, she drags Amber, again, without consent, to a boat that isn’t hers, admits that they’re on private property, and pressures Amber to agree to come every week. Then she drags her, yet again, without consent, to that race, and forces Amber to do it.
I like the concept of Ruby. I really do. I just can’t help but find her slightly entitled. Is anyone else with me?


I lowkey agree with this. I like the story, but I thought Ruby dragging us into the fight and then kissing us without consent was super uncool, and then she was mad at us for being mad about it? I didn’t have as much of a problem with the boat thing Bc it seemed like we were a more willing participant in that. I want to like her more, so I hope the story will go in the direction of having Ruby realize her mistakes, apologize, and get better.


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