She keeps swimming backwards script going wrong

Hi everyone,
I have a story thing to try out with animations, backgrounds etc.

Now I tried letting someone swim to the center with swim_loop_rear and letting her do udle_treadwater_happy_loop there, but she keeps swimming backwards. I do know that with rear the way they face is different, but no matter what I try, which spot outside the screen I put her and which Side she faces she keeps doing that… :confused:
Does someone maybe see what’s wrong here?

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Have you tried any other swimming animation that isn’t “_rear” to make your character swim?

the only real swim animation is rear …

I just realized that as I typed it into my script. Let me try doing the same thing and if I can do you code successfully, I’ll send a screenshot!


Okay, I figured it out!

So you were writing the code as if the animation was not a rear one. For a rear animation, you must put the opposite way you want the character to face for it to face the way you desire.

@MC faces right and MC is _____rear
-This would make the character look like they are facing left

To make sure your swimmer isn’t swimming backwards put in the code (this is just an example):
@MC spot 1 149 100
@MC walks to spot 1 100 100 AND MC does it while swim_loop_rear AND MC faces right

This causes the swimmer to swim from left to right!

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This is off topic but can you please tell me or give me the background and overlay you used please?

Yeah sure! I found this off Picsart lol

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I mean… as weird as it was, I putted it a line before that and it didn’t work… and now it’s on the same line with the and yeah… now it does work…
(there’s the bad English again, sorry)

Thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

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It’s fine! lol :joy:

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