She only crires for second

for some reason she only cries for a second.


@overlay SUNSET WEDDING OVERLAY 2 opacity 0 in 4

@pause for a beat

@overlay EFFECT SMOKE opacity 0 in 2

@MOM moves to layer 17

    YOU (talk_afraid)

&YOU walks to spot 0.443 165 290 in zone 2 AND YOU is run_cry AND YOU moves to layer 9

&MOM walks to spot 0.443 141 288 in zone 2

@YOU is cry_sob_loop AND MOM is hug_rear

@zoom on 473 148 to 248% in 0

@MORGAN FREEMAN walks to spot 0.353 111 335 in zone 2 AND MORGAN FREEMAN moves to layer 21

@PLACEHOLDER walks to spot 0.353 191 335 in zone 2

Try using & instead of @ so that multiple things can happen at a time; she cries while the scene goes on

Or you can try @CHARACTER starts animation

For lines 1598 and 1600, you need to use the @ sign for both of those lines. Right now you having both of those commands happen at the same time as the command on line 1602

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