She won’t sit help me y’all

She won’t sit in tryna make my character sit and I’ve tried everything from @YOU sits in screen right and everything from that to the end

You have to use one of the sitting animations.

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I’ve tried, but how would you code it?

You’d have to do something like
@CHARACTER spot - - - AND CHARACTER is idle_sit_whatevertheanimations are.
I think


You always have to add an animation what ever you want your character do.

you have to choose an animation from the catalog that you want your characters to do, otherwise they won’t move

I’ve trued using one and it didn’t work

can we see your script?

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which one are you trying to use?

Yeah I’m currently in class but I can post it once I get home

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Yours actually worked but how do I get her to sit behind the table in a sense

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You’d have to have a table overlay i think. Are you using an episode background?

Yes I am

which one?

Cafeteria day

first sneak peek of Unravel

You’re probably just going to have to play around with the spots/maybe some overlays. Unfortunately I don’t know enough to be able to code it all for you.

Oh it’s okay I’ll figure out what I can

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You need the table to be an overlay to do so

Then your character spot — and character moves to layer -1
Your table overlay would be 1
I can code it out for you in a bit if you need me to

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