Shelf Recommendations and Style Revamps

Each time I see the Episode Creators post asking for community recommendations, I then see a lot of posts about what types of stories NOT to recommend.
Stories already shelved, contest winners, Limelight versions of stories that were featured in Ink, and spotlight versus cinematic.
I understand the whole “already featured” and “contest winners” (Adrenaline was a contest winner and has been featured three times).
However, if an author has completely revamped a story from one style to the next (not just a simple copy paste and change animations) I don’t see why those stories should be excluded.
There was an author who was shamed for asking people to recommend her limelight revamp of a previous ink contest winner. Authors feel they have to thank but decline recommendations for completely revamped stories with different plot aspects and directing for fear of ridicule.
There was a story on a recent shelf, the level up shelf, that was a revamped Limelight version of an Ink story that was March 2018 Editor’s Pick (permanent shelf), but nobody said anything about it, perhaps because it had a different title.

In the most recent call for stories “Meant To Be” I saw three stories that I recognize that were recommended quite a bit, that have already been featured in the Ink version. The same with the “All Able” shelf. Should authors be shamed into declining recommendations on stories they have worked hard on completely rewriting, and in many times are completely different from the Ink/Classic version especially when it has been well over a year or two since the Ink version was featured?

Curious on everyone’s opinions.


Thank you for making this post! I personally don’t think a previously featured story should be featured again because it has a style revamp. While sometimes the plot is revamped, most of the time it’s not and it’s simply re-written because, new users don’t like INK and will only read LL. Quite a few of my author friends get demands from their readers to convert their INK to LL or vice-versa because they don’t like a particular style.

I also feel featuring a previously featured story takes a spot away from a newer or lesser known author who may never get chance to be in the spotlight because of the new trending/reviewing system. 100s of comments on the suggestion posts of previously featured stories drown out recommendations of newer/lesser known stories. There’s over 1k comments on the “Meant To Be” post now, do you really think they are going to go through all of them?

I don’t really want to say “shamed” but authors are aware of when they are featured, readers don’t always remember. And all authors work hard on their story whether its a style revamp or not. If it was two years ago, then I guess it’s fine for a style revamp to be featured but generally speaking the story (and the author) had their chance on a shelf, and there’s a lot stories that deserve that chance as well.


I think that it just feels kind of morally unfair to feature previously featured stories and/or contest winners, even if they are a revamp in another style. Even though it’s happened in the past with a few stories, I think episode makes more of a conscious effort to find new, never been featured before stories. Do I think people who ask for people to recommend should be shamed? No. But should they be asking their followers to recommend them? Not really. People would likely recommend their story regardless (it happens to me with certain themes and I ask people not to recommend me and they still do lol).

If there’s truly no other story of a certain standard that fits the theme, then I think it’s okay to re-feature a story or a revamp of story if it’s been a while. I don’t expect episode to feature just any old story just because it hasn’t been featured. But I think with the amount of undiscovered talent on the app, it’s not hard to find something to fit that hasn’t been featured before. And I really agree with @PoojaI here:


I don’t think authors should be shamed for asking for their revamped story to be featured again, but I do think it’s kinda unfair for new/small authors. Most of the revamped stories has a lot of reads since the old version of the story had a lot of reads. So it’s easier for these authors to gain new reads. I think the shelves are an opportunity for small authors to be in the spotlight and get more attention to their stories. And featuring a story again may take a spot that could’ve been used to feature a small author.


This tea! Imagine not reading a story you find interesting cuz of the style they’re using, or cuz it doesnt have cc. idk i find it so dumb


I agree with the comments above. Authors shouldn’t be shamed for this, but there are really so many great stories out there that I don’t see why a previously featured story needs to be up on a shelf twice, or even three times. Especially if it has millions of reads. I know some amazing stories that have been featured already, but they still only have a few thousands of reads. If Episode really wants to feature something twice, I wish they would choose from these ones



Personally I’m against them featuring stories that have already been featured in a different style. It’s already hard enough to be seen on the app, especially as a smaller author, and I just don’t find it fair that someone can get featured again for basically having the same story in a different style. Also, who cares? No one owes you anything because you made the conscious decision to revamp/remake your story. :joy::sweat_smile::woman_shrugging:t2:

I also agree with what other people have said above about how it really helps smaller authors. One of my friends on the app is now trending in drama and has over 200k reads which I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have gotten as quickly if not on a shelf. I think we all just need to be more conscious of what we suggest for shelf themes. Sticking to the theme is always good, but also realizing who actually could use the help and extra boost being on a shelf gives.

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honestly I do not mind any rules till thay are fair to everybody the same way.

It is anyway almost impostible to common or begining writer to get on the shelf anyway. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I have to disagree with you. I have seen many first time authors or smaller authors get featured on shelves this year. I think Episode is making more of an effort to feature stories with fewer reads and not feature previously featured stories, as they used to before


it is not disagreeing actually you are just talking about something bit different than me…yes thay are featuring such authors but it doesn’t mean it is easy to get featured as begining author…like lottery also has a winner but it doesn’t mean everybody can most of taking part in lottery will win. :slight_smile:

And that was what I meant.

To get featured first episode has to find ou your story exists…like being recommended by somebody when thay are looking for hidden gems or give it there by yourself…so first you or the few who have read yousr story and liked it had to be active on insta, second you have to fitt the theme…if your story is adventore you cant expect to be featered if thay are looking for romance atc…or if you have few reads more than the limit for the hidden gems…than episode will evaluate your story and there are no clear rules for it it is as it seems based simply on their preferences so at the end you just can hope thay will like it, And that was what I was talking about. So at the end, there still can be many great stories that will not be given the chance to be more seen thanks to being on the shelf.

To be clear I am not complaining I get that in the amount of stories which are published there will be only small % on shelves, that is all

I don’t really see what this has to do with the current discussion topic of this thread but… ok


lol I just reacted on what you said thats all. But you are right I went bit to the side of the main topic. :slight_smile:

Bump :eyes:


I was kinda surprised to see a limelight version of a story that the Ink version was just featured 2 months ago on the current shelf. I understand if the Ink version was featured over a year ago, but I feel like it shows a little favoritism, just like authors who appear on multiple shelves within a short time span when there are other good stories that fit.
It does embolden me to recommend more Limelight versions of previously featured Ink stories that I feel are strong fits for shelves. With the exception of stories that are literally copy/pasted versions from one style to the next, only changing animations, I feel revamped Limelight versions should be treated as completely separate stories. I know at least four authors in which their Limelight version are complete revamp/rewrites and should be treated as different stories. Three of those had the Ink version previously featured (almost 2 years ago each). One I know asks and encourages the recommendation of the Limelight version, another said she feels like people think it’s the same story and feels guilty for thanking for the recommendation because of comments about not recommending previously featured stories done in a different style.


I’m personally fine with style revamps being featured, however I think it should be at least a year since the other style was featured. I also don’t think that style revamps should be eligible for “hidden gem” shelves if the other version has well over the read requirement.

There have been cases where LL revamps were featured and most people didn’t even realise because the LL version had a different title.