Shelf Suggestions


Put the shelf suggestion posts on the forums, because not everyone has Instagram and this is the centre of the Episode community, so things like that should happen HERE.

It happened once and then they reverted back to the old ways. Show us you actually care about all of our opinions.


I was about to link you to the feature request I made, but I see you’ve already supported it. There’s nothing else we can really do. They did it once for the thriller shelf, so maybe they will do it for another one in the future too?


I actually forgot that there was a feature request, so thanks! It’s just so frustrating that they don’t include the community forums in stuff like that. Why does IG take precedence?


IG takes precedence because so many people use social media these days. Plus, learning all of the rules for forums is time consuming, when you can just post whatever you want on your IG.


I’m not saying I prefer IG over the forums (I love the forums because of the organization :stuck_out_tongue: ). Just thought I should clarify that lol


I 100% agree. It’s weird that there’s such pressure to get Instagram to promote your stories and to be kept in the loop about Episode related things… especially when the forums is specifically for the episode community, which instagram is not.


IG is not the heart of the Episode community, though. They tell us to come here for help, suggestions and feedback, yet they’re so quick to abandon us when it comes to actual democratic stuff. They hardly ever listen to the suggestions on the forums anyway, so why not switch to IG completely then? I mean, the forums basically have no point in the grand scheme of Episode :frowning: since they don’t listen to us. I’m not arguing with you. I hope it didn’t come across like that, haha.


Like… what can we really do except keep bumping a suggestion and then hope that one day they’ll have the same idea? How many of the suggestions have really been listened to since the new forums have been released? 1%?


I’m still pretty new to the forums so I can’t say, but it seems that way for a lot other communities that I’ve been on the forums for. I’m pretty sure the original intent of forums were to let the community help each other so that the company itself doesn’t have to deal with a million different (or same) questions every day.

I guess the only way that would end up working would be bumping it to the point where everyone has seen it.


It’s always also been a place where we can make suggestions as writers… since we’re the ones pretty much paying their salary. They don’t even have to write good stories! We do that for them! We’ve proved that as a community time and time again by writing better stuff than the drivel they feature. The least they can do so that they can sit back and let us do all the work is include us in the decisions!


@amberose could you send me the link please


Is this feedback regarding the forums? If so, can you please elaborate?



@Jeremy what they mean is that people are asked what stories they should add to certain shelves on Instagram, but the people without Instagram don’t have the chance to say what to add. So they were asking for them to ask on the forums in the announcements section maybe, so we are all given equality and a fair chance to being on the shelf.


Exactly this! They ask for suggestions for the temporary shelves on IG. It’s only ever happened on here once. I think it’s much more fair if we are asked for our suggestions for shelves on here too/instead!




You’ve already liked it, but for anyone else reading this and wondering what we’re all talking about…


Oh ok thank you