Shifting (I think thats it) an overlay

Btw, I did the overlay helper and it goes to default spot for some reason. I’ve done pretty much everything but nothing works, and etherealWitch seemed to make it work somehow.

Just to make sure, despite the rotation issue the overlay stayed on the same place at first?

So when I did it it didn’t. When @EtherealWitch did it it did. When she did the rotation, it didn’t.

EXT. HANGER - INSIDE with DARK MAGIC to 0.746 102 178 at layer #
&overlay DARK MAGIC opacity 1 in 0
&ALISHA spot 1.025 216 120 AND ALISHA is kiss_passionate_loop AND ALISHA faces left AND FIONA spot 0.995 174 131 AND FIONA is kiss_passionate_loop_rear AND FIONA faces left AND ALISHA moves to layer 2 AND FIONA moves to layer 3
@FIONA changes eyesColor into Violet
@ALISHA changes eyesColor into Violet
@pause for 0.001
@overlay DARK MAGIC shifts to 131 209 in 0.0
&overlay DARK MAGIC rotates 360 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 2 THEN overlay DARK MAGIC rotates 0 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 0 loop INFINITE times

Try this, it’s what I can think about to solve the sudden shifting when rotating… Change # to 1 if you want the overlay behind them after to 4 if you want in front of them

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It did it for like 0.1 seconds and then went back to where it was before.

I’m lost, @astrowolfgirl . Did it go to the wrong place again?

If it did just for 0.1 seconds take the pause for 0.001 out

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Like it rotated, it just went back to the spot it was in before. It went to the right spot for like 0.1 seconds.

Send me the link through PM, I’ll try to understand what’s happening…
Just to make sure, when you saved your overlay it was a square where the circle was centered, right?

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When you saved it with see through BG, it was square shaped for the upload right? Sometimes it influences it as it is explained on Dara Amarie’s thread

If you want send me the link, I’ll check it in 9 hours or so.

It was.

Hey so I figured it out. Thanks though !!

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@overlay STOVE create
@overlay 5312925084745728_STOVE shifts to -188 2
@overlay 5312925084745728_STOVE scales to 2.159 2.159
@overlay STOVE opacity 1 in 0


Also, I need it to be layered

Delete the useless numbers

@overlay STOVE create
&overlay STOVE shifts to -188 2 in zone #
&overlay STOVE scales to 2.159 2.159
&overlay STOVE moves to layer #
@overlay STOVE opacity 1 in 0

Replace the #’s with the numbers you need!

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You’d think I’d learn from the first time lol. It’s in the wrong spot. It was supposed to be in the center but now it’s too far to the right but before it was too far to the left

Can you help?

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move to zone vhere you see the STOVE mopve it to right spot and from there copy the coordinates

AND vrite the zone number from which you have copied the coordinates

so if you do this in zone 2 and you copy the coordinates from zone 2 ad to the shift comand “in zone 2”

If you move the stove in zone 2 but than you shift to zone 1 and you do not move the overtlay (so it is still in zone 2) so if you copy the coordinates from zone 1 you will get different numbers……therefore in such case you will have to write next to the shift the number of the zone from which you hace copy the coordinates ……regardles in which zone the overaly is in reality.

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