Shifting overlay help pls


so I’d like my overlay to slide (shift in) but it’s not coming up… what am I doing wrong?


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you need to create it first, spot it outside of the screen, then shifting it in a spot in the screen adding a timing after the command

So I tried spotting it and stuff but it’s still not sliding form side to its spot…

add “in 2” at the end of line 19
also delete the layer command, or change “max layer” to “layer 2”

You need it in two spots one off screen then one on screen


hi i know this isn’t about your question but i just wanted to let you know you don’t have to write @pause for a beat a million times to make it a longer pause you can just say @pause for 4 (or however many beats)

i also used to write it out a bunch of times so you’re not alone lol just thought i would make it easier for you in case you didn’t know

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Oh thank you so much!
That makes sense…:sweat_smile::heart:

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