Shifting overlays NEED HELP!

Hello y´all lovely people! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So I’m writing a new story and I experience problems when I create an overlay.
So the script looks like that:
@overlay NAME create
@overlay NAME opacity 1 in 0
@overlay NAME shifts to ///
@overlay NAME scales to ///


And then I save the script and go look at the preview but the numbers for the shifting panel are completely messed up! Like in the script there can be the numbers 170 140 (for shifting) but the overlay is not going to appear on that place and when I check the actual numbers on the app or the site the numbers are like -549 162 and this only happens to the shifting, the numbers for scaling stay the same, is this like an error or is this just me or what is going on?

I would be very grateful for any help :neutral_face: :pray:

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can ya PrtSc your script so I can try and help? :relaxed:

Yes, of course!

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Is the problem when the overlay moves?
For instance line 402 and line 420? :upside_down_face:

I really don’t think so because at first I just had the overlay at one place so it wasn’t moving but it didn’t work ether, the numbers were still changing in the app and on the side. :neutral_face:

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have you tried messing around with (@) + (&)?

also try combining the overlay combinations by putting the sandal overlay in with the background and having the opacity 0 in 0 until you want it to show in the scene :relaxed:

it always takes me awhile to get the coding right just keep playing with it until you find something that works!

Yeah I’ll probably have too … Thank you tho for the help!:smile:

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no problem sorry I couldn’t help more! :joy:

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Shifts to x y in zone 3
If you’re not in zone 1 you need to specify the zone :slight_smile:


You are GOLD gurl! How could I oversee that, THANK YOU SO MUCH, it works now! :hearts:


Haha you’re welcome :heart:

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