Shifting overlays smoothly

I have a scene with and overlay shifting and animations during it but it’s not happening like smoothly, if that sounds right-
Is there a different way to put it or something to make it go swiftly ?

What do you mean by smoothly?

Like, it’ll stop for a split second then do the next thing

try to not write it all on one line - you combine animations of character which take longer time with shifting of the overlay that (I assume) causes this.

Write it on separate lines intead using & - this will asure it will happen in one time too and has one advantage you will not have this massivly long lines which are almost impossible to check once you make mistake or typo in them.

&CALI is slap_face_receive
&AVA is talk_stratled
&ASHER is dismayed
@overlay FOOTBALL shifts to 245 182 in zone 2 in 0.3
&CALI faces left AND CALI is run_fall
&AVA faces left
&ASHER faces left AND ASHER is arms_crossed_angry
@overlay FOOTBALL shifts to 217 51 in zone 2 in 0.3


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